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‘Organized’ March to Capitol Was Not Permitted, Rally Organizers Warned White House

The organizers of the Trump rally on Jan. 6 had no permit for a march to the Capitol and tried to warn the White House that it would be illegal, reports Greg Palast for Consortium News.

Insider: White House Warned March was Illegal;

Trump’s Call to March Broke Promise to Park Police


A fairly short article by Greg Palast. I'm mainly posting this one to make a group narrative point. Among the many distractions this day has provided, the one most are probably missing is the "fraudulent" election. Greg Palast, who I've posted here on occasions nearing election cycles has been covering issues of vote suppression by both parties for 2 decades. The most common tactic by republicans is the Interstate cross checking method of erasing voters from voting list by examining names in their state and find names similar in other states as a means to take them off the voting list. Once again, Georgia made the headlines in this election as it did in 2018.

Kemp managed to erase some 170,000 people for the 2018 election cycle using this illegal method. It's not fraud, it's voter suppression. He managed to use this to win a seat that year. What these asshats are mad about, Trump included, I guess, is that they didn't erase enough to get Trump a win in Georgia in 2020.

My point again as I've brought up a number of times is how neither party is actually concerned about the real issue of corrupt elections. While the establishment politicians and MSCM are spewing out this false narrative of a "fraudulent" election, the real crimes of voter suppression are never addressed. Which are taking place across the nation erasing a certain voting block which could give the left and progressives a significant advantage in the political field.

If the democrats had any genuine agenda to represent our interest this would be addressed daily until fixed. But 2016 would be a primary example as why they don't. They virtually used the same tactics and others to make sure Sanders didn't pull off a win. Our elections are a facade. The only way for us to win is to mass exit and unite behind a group with a genuine intent to represent the working class.

William_Mary 8 Jan 16
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