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Dear Reporters: Don’t Trust ‘Dr. Evil’

Senator Bernie Sanders and Rep. Bobby Scott officially kicked off a new legislative push to raise the minimum wage this week by introducing legislation that would phase in a $15 an hour minimum over a four-year period. If the Senate parliamentarian determines that a minimum wage hike can survive in a reconciliation package under the Byrd rules, the Democrats have a real shot at getting the wage hike accomplished in this legislative session.

Not surprisingly, trade groups representing industries that employ a lot of low-wage workers have been busy speaking to the press this week about why the proposal is bad for their member companies. And right in the media mix is a restaurant industry-funded nonprofit that has been a prominent feature in minimum wage debates for decades.


{This is not a new or unknown problem. In 2013, the Center for Media and Democracy examined articles mentioning Saltsman or EPI and found that 83 percent of the time reporters did not provide readers with information about their ties to Berman. Only 3 percent of articles properly linked EPI to Berman, they found.}

William_Mary 8 Feb 7
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Raising the minimum wage only results in a devalued dollar. Wage enhancement has to come from the tax structure. Tax the rich. Feed the poor. The rich being mega near monopolies not paying one USA cent in taxes. While property tax funds education, those that have little value in property fund less educational opportunities. Why does the rich library dump their unwanted books in the garbage, while the poor area libraries & schools go with out books? The system is inequitable. Minimum wage raises is not the solution. Prepare for your purchasing power to diminish.

Mooolah Level 8 Feb 8, 2021

Raising the minimum wage across the nation would help advance wage increases across the board. Setting a standard for all wage earners addressing especially the raising cost of products currently happening since this virus took hold. Especially for groceries.

It can also provide some people who are effected by gentrification projects in large cities to manage to find closer homes to their work place, rather that sleep in their vehicles, on the street, or driving long distances. Seattle would provide a good example of this. As it has shown to be a great benefit to many business owners who have opened new stores who once believed that raising wages would be their bust. Addressing my above statement, this is why Amazon spent nearly 2 million dollars on an opposing candidate against a socialist city council women who fought and got the $15 minimum wage raise there. Think about that for a moment. Nearly 2 million to unseat a council women! It isn't just that she's a socialist, but the standard that can come with $15 an hour and the reform for the city that came with it.

Our government and FED are doing quite well devaluing the dollar on their own by feeding the ruling class these insurmountable sums of money via tax breaks, bailouts, relief funds, and repo operations. Printing money out of air with nothing of value to back it up is the only thing devaluing our currency. And when so many are out there among us who can't afford to buy necessities or even the slightest products of low class luxuries to contribute to the current failing social structure, devaluation is the only direction possible. The loss of middle class jobs where people can't upkeep their homes any longer.

The system was built for us to fail beginning around the 80s. As it was failing they created a society to become reliant on credit. We have reached the end results where only the ruling class can profit from the system they used our representatives to inject into society. We need more cities to wake up to this and use Seattle as an example. But we must go much deeper into it than they have been able to reach as of yet.

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