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Sanders provides cover to the Democrats as they refuse to raise the minimum wage

In response to the growing outrage, Senator Bernie Sanders has staged a series of stunts to cover over the Democratic Party’s gutting of its own stimulus bill.


{The event is mostly an opportunity for politicians to secure video clips of themselves supposedly fighting for their constituents to be used for future campaign ads.}

These are the conditioned aspects many are managed to perceive then cast their votes on. These are what the media deals out in repetitive mode to attempt to managed the perceptions of voters. Clips and memes like this are shared on social media. As an election cycle comes in we hear certain supporters taut these quips for their Jester's with no regard to past failures of accomplishments even with the long list of years of the same useless lips service. As attentions are vastly drawn to manufactured narratives of current events to erase the past.

{First, the very fact that an increase in the minimum wage from the current extreme poverty-level wage has been torpedoed by the Democrats, under such extraordinarily dire conditions, only underscores the bankruptcy of the entire political system and its contempt for the great majority of the population.}

They aren't fighting for us, they're fighting to save the capitalist system. Time and time again the answer has always been to hand out scores of printed up cash to corporations and the ruling class to save a failed system while keeping the population as poor as possible without total revolution. This time it was create a cold war with China to mask how well they managed to escape the downturn the US is still facing over a year later. Their deaths a mere fraction compared to the US, and economy that has been well on its way to recovering for several months. 1.7 billion people compared to 327 million, their economy has rebounded and growing again, and we are ever so dependent on them as much as we've always been. Trump's games never worked either as there never was any real means of adjustment to trade deficits.

{Second, the fight over the minimum wage has once again revealed the real role of Senator Bernie Sanders and his fellow “progressives” as a critical part of the Democratic Party operation. Their political function is to provide a left gloss to the party as it moves ever more sharply to the right.}

There you have it. That constant move to the right. [] Just replace the FCC issue with any issue and you get the same result. Will the same result in 2022 be the same result as 2010? Which ultimately lead to a Trump victory for the knock out punch? With Biden as a president we don't need to wait another 6 years for that punch. He might be knocked out after his first 4. Biden is about as right as it gets anyways.

{As payment for his services, Sanders now holds a top position in the Democratic leadership as chair of the Senate Budget Committee. Sanders was given the position because he is a trusted member of the Democratic Party apparatus. If proof of his allegiances is required, one must look no further than the current debate on the minimum wage. Despite all of his bluster, Sanders’ “political revolution” has proven incapable of achieving even the most minimal social reforms.}

{The efforts and energies of the working class must be based not on futile hopes of transforming the Democratic Party, but on the construction of a movement in the working class to prepare and lead the struggle for genuine socialism.}

William_Mary 8 Mar 6
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I have a theory. We're going to get the minimum wage raised to $15 an hour in 2046 when $7.25 will be equal to $15 lol

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