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Here’s How the Senate Pared Back Biden’s Stimulus Plan

While the House passed a version of the bill that largely kept Mr. Biden’s proposals intact, the Senate omitted an increase in the minimum wage that he had included and limited how much Americans will receive in supplemental unemployment benefits in the coming months. It also pared back eligibility for the next round of stimulus checks compared with the House’s bill.


Seems the republicans pulled a gotcha on the democrats. While they did pull the minimum wage hike, as expected, they managed to pull off a couple of other obvious changes that will be seen as more support for citizens. How ever deceitful it is. We need a strong republican party--Joe Biden

I don't know to many republican supporters who ever supported a minimum wage hike anyways. None actually, for me anyways. Republican supporters remind me of mainly the upper middle class of today, and middle class who now join them in large regard, to the conflict of the bourgeoisie and proletariat classes that always tends to sway a system into state corporate communist rule. Which is what happened after the Russian Revolution of 1917 as the bourgeoisie betrayed the proletariat, bringing in what came to be known as Stalinism. Even against their own interest, they've always fell in line with the false rhetoric that comes with it from the establishment and repetitive MSCM. Out of the gate that's a major win win for the republicans as far as their supporters go to glorify on.

{The changes made by the Senate are likely to stick, as the version passed by the chamber is scheduled to go before the House for its final approval on Tuesday. The bill would then head to Mr. Biden for his signature.}

We now know that the vote on that could have been forced, and that republicans in the past have fired the budget reconciliation chair to get what they wanted. Lets also take to mind that 7 democrats along with an independent voted it down in the senate. [] We need a strong republican party--Joe Biden

While the senate keeps the unemployment at $300 a week it expands it another week. A bit of a loss but looks good on paper. But, the senate {also exempt $10,200 in unemployment benefits received in 2020 from federal income taxes for households making less than $150,000.} We need a strong republican party--Joe Biden

{Both the House and Senate also sought to help workers who lost their jobs keep their employer-provided health insurance coverage, but the Senate bill is more generous. The House measure would cover 85 percent of premiums through a program called COBRA through September, while the Senate measure would cover the full cost of those premiums.}

We need a strong republican party--Joe Biden

{The two bills differ in a variety of other areas. The Senate added a provision that would exempt student loan forgiveness from income taxes through 2025, a step that comes amid pressure on Mr. Biden to cancel student loan debt through executive action.

Funding for a rail project in Silicon Valley in Northern California, which was criticized by Republicans, was included in the House bill but dropped from the Senate measure after the parliamentarian ruled against it.

Another transportation-related allotment in the House bill that drew criticism from Republicans, $1.5 million for the Seaway International Bridge between upstate New York and Canada, was dropped from the Senate version as well.}

I don't know about anyone else here. But from the gate to finishing line it seems this new bill was heavily designed to make ---- We need a strong republican party--Joe Biden a glorifying mark for republicans in the senate. In no way shape or form would the republicans go out of their way to help democrats in this sense. Unless it was a bill for more war or tax cuts for the corporate ruling class. I'm patiently waiting for the WSWS to come out with their analogy on this latest bill.

William_Mary 8 Mar 7
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