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The Democratic Party and the political origins of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

This has been its political role since its inception in 1828, when Andrew Jackson trapped the embryonic anti-capitalism of “workingmen” in the northern cities behind a reactionary alliance with the southern slave-owning class. The emergence of the working class in the post-Civil War period inaugurated decades of violent class struggle, which the Democratic Party attempted to control through subsuming strains of populist, agrarian politics, culminating in the elevation of the demagogue William Jennings Bryan as repeated Democratic presidential candidate at the turn of the 20th century. Despite the insurrectionary character of the class struggle, the Democratic Party fought to prevent these struggles from developing to a point of a political break and the formation of an independent political party in the European model of labor or social democratic parties. This, alongside the extraordinary wealth of American capitalism, explains why there has never been a labor party in the United States.


Here's a profile on AOC that provides more information on her by the WSWS, which they have the access to more subject matter to provide information than my armchair politics have. You'll find much of what I've already exposed and a little more on her. And WSWS also correlates the most likely plant scenario I suggested of her into the party as it correlates with the history of the party which I've been attempting to apply to the group to put critic thought to. History.History.History.

Fast tract to today. As I've said all along, the democratic party made a major mistake in 2016 thinking they could use Sanders as a given to plant Clinton into the presidency. Ignorantly missing the amount of people ready for a socialist type of government the DNC and Clinton, and himself, thought using him would be a sure win over the Obama game that left them flat on their faces. Although I'm not quite sold Clinton really wanted either presidencies. The 2016 is surely very questionable being the crimes that would/should be considered in a world of genuine reality. There's a ton of conjecture to go with that chess game being used against us to be fully ironed out.

This article however gives a view into how our political arena is preplanned several moves before our understanding of it becomes a matter of deceit being played on us. They have today planned out as much as possible well before today comes so that we don't recognize it. And the media serves as their distraction by conditioning us with perception management to control the narrative. The only means to avoid this delusional reality is to use alternative news sources and apply history to the information they give us. Often that is supplied within better news sources.

William_Mary 8 Mar 31
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I agree that both Obama and AOC are or were plants by the shadow government to serve the ruling class thru exploiting ID politics to con the voters into thinking these people are actually on the side of the peasants because they aren't white. When will the working class and middle classes ever wake up and realize that just because someone shares their race and/or gender (or is a racial minority) and makes some noises about solidarity with your demo group, that it doesn't necessarily mean they are on your side in the class struggle? Or that, more likely, they are a plant and a fake class warrior?

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