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Freedom Rider: Biden Breaks His Promises

“If the Republicans are seen as the only enemy then we have already lost.”

Like a king looking for a white palace dream, they don't ever say what they really mean.
Sometimes I think it's a sin, when I feel like I'm winning and I'm losing again.

Not that I told you so, but I told you so.

{The moment is ripe to acknowledge that this system is a complete sham and exists only to help the 1% do as much as they can to oppress the 99%. We will live with a cycle of Republicans and Democrats who use different methods but always end up working against our needs.

Black politics will have to be recreated by people acting independently from the class of political misleaders. If not, we face a cycle of Democrats losing after they fail to make good on their promises, who are then followed by Republicans who sneak into office using voter suppression tactics which work when there is a lack of enthusiasm for the do nothing Democrats. It is time to get away from this vicious cycle.}

And since approximately 2008 the democrats have stood basically silent against republican's in their controlled states, around 27 of them, of organizing a successful strategy of purging left leaning voters from their voting list, essentially eliminating any real sense of opposition causing them to lose elections using Interstate Crosschecking. [] We can't possibly believe the democrats aren't aware of this after all this time while also knowing it effects their block of voters! The only logical assumption is they don't care. As long as the media doesn't tie this crime to them in wide public coverage, which they will not being they are owned by the benefiting ruling class, the democratic politicians still win by keeping their power and ties to money.

{They all must be seen as our adversaries whom we must oppose strongly and publicly.}

{No one should be shocked when the only promises kept are those made to the donor class. Biden’s only truthful statement was saying that nothing would fundamentally change.}

Biden was pulled out and put forward despite his slumbering mental state due to the rising attractiveness to a call for a socialist structure. After 4 years they couldn't manage to quell that movement despite all their efforts to demonize it. He was well behind after the first few caucuses and primaries. The only thing giving him the advantage was a new southern charge which was most likely manufactured by some various means, just as Clinton questionably managed in the New England states, Iowa, Nevada, and California, and the virus dominating the country, which most likely also managed to provide questionable means to manipulate the primary.

Biden's history as a politician never held a chance for a presidency for a reason, until 2020. In which he only became a millionaire within the 2 years prior for his rewards for his sacrifice to the ruling class throughout the Obama reign, ending with the Ukraine and Syria quagmires. Him and his son would probably still be raking in crime money from Ukraine and speeches if he wasn't need to shut down the Sanders factor that kicked off the 2020 primary. In which the games were evident from the start in Iowa again. The virus and mail in voting managed to help with what was seemingly going to be another primary of highly questionable results. Another lame Sanders effort within a media controlled narrative. No one truly challenged Joe for his past, and the one who came the closes to challenging him end up as his vice president. That deal was probably concreted minutes after she mentioned busing as they walked off stage. As the virus took hold they all feel at the feet of Joe Establishment and never looked back. Welcome to the grand illusion.

William_Mary 8 May 30
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