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Peace-Washing: Is a Network of Major Donors Neutralizing Activism in the Peace Movement?

We’re now in a situation where many ostensible “peace” groups seem tied to the Democratic Party while the Biden administration pursues militaristic policies, writes Dave Lindorff.

What these individuals and organizations represent are many of the big-money “peace” funding and lobbying groups in the country — groups with access to Democratic-aligned power centers in Washington that can now, through their financial clout and their access, lure more grassroots peace activists and their less well-funded and “plugged in” organizations into supporting the Biden administration and the narrow Democratic majorities in Congress — or at least throttling their criticism.


This is what indoctrination of tribal politics establishes. Especially on the democratic supporters side. I'll argue is the most dangerous side of the political arena to our society. The wolves in sheep skins being supported while helping republicans move our country further to the right as we blissfully fall deeper into a substantiated fascism. We've been knocked out by the establishments 1-2 punch yet again. Chess dominates over checkers again. Because the American voter refuses to apply critical thought. Stuck in conditioning rabbit holes manufactured by the media. Please remodel above ground to see the real world.


As I, and some others here, predicted during the last election cycle, if Biden won, and he himself claimed, nothing would fundamentally change. All the then current protest and opposition to the countries direction would be quelled into a silence, with the medias help. What few protest remain don't manage to see much of the publics view unless searched for. Police killings are mentioned again in regards of acceptance. Here's the story, silent public, story gone. The only people feeling the effects of this ruling class accomplishment are the families of the dead. While Biden continues virtually every policy of the Trump administration, and past administrations that also helped to set us towards the current direction of the country. While Biden continues with all the same deceptive world rhetoric, including the G7 meeting.

Which was in itself a facade, with a US president meeting with European leaders who he and Obama in the past hacked their secure systems. How ironic. The G7, like NATO, is dead. Just throw dirt over them already. So what is G7 really about this time?

{Even though he was teamed up with Flournoy as a fellow arms-industry influence peddler at WestExec, Blinken won effusive backing for his nomination as secretary of state in an email to Council for a Livable World members authored by people like former Rep. John Tierney, Council for a Livable World’s executive director, and Matt Duss, the widely praised foreign-policy staffer for Sen. Bernie Sanders who has publicly fawned over Blinken. Likewise Faiz Shakir, a former aide to Sen. Harry Reid and Sanders’ 2020 campaign manager, who called Blinken a “solid choice” for the State Department job.}

Yes, that very same Bernie Sanders. Who is still glorified on social media of being the outspoken one against the machine. Indicating that from him that nothing would fundamentally change either.

{When the environmental movement began to take off in the 1970s, it demonstrated such dynamism and massive public support that even Republican President Richard Nixon felt compelled to head off critics by establishing the Environmental Protection Agency.

Corporate America, as represented by huge funding entities — many, like the various Rockefeller family funds and the Chevron Corporation, associated with the fossil fuel industry — responded by establishing in 1987 a consortium of funders called the Environmental Grantmakers Association. The EGA began meeting to decide how the major funders of environmental groups would distribute grants, and ultimately to influence the tactics and goals of environmental activist groups.}

We've been over this a few times now. Corporations infiltrate the groups when the public attempts to voice concern. Corporations filter money in through back doors to the groups which the public rarely hear about. Create a agency to control advancement by placing people with conflicting interest into oversight. Today we have a judicial system that overwhelmingly sides with corporations. You can follow that here with America's Lawyer. []

{“When you have a bunch of organizations in a group like that, and some of them are really mainstream vanilla like Open Society, you’re going to see the whole organization and its member groups moderate their positions and their funding policies to the lowest denominator. These big groups, especially the ones that also act as holding pens for people in the foreign policy area who have to leave government employment when a Republican administration comes in, and use them as references when looking for government jobs under a new Democratic administration like this one, don’t want to be funding groups that mount protests in House or Senate committee hearings or try to arrest [former Nixon Secretary of State] Henry Kissinger for war crimes.” }

In other words. When the leaders of these groups realize the amount of money that's coming at them to compromise their initial intent, it taste to good to relinquish the hold it has taken over them. This is the same current issue I've been attempting to get people to see in the BLM organization. In which the last leader just recently stepped down due to both public and group scrutiny over accusations she was misusing 91 million in funds as her lifestyle was seemingly advantaged and funds weren't reaching spoken causes or communities.

{This activist continued, “The situation with the peace movement was horrible during the Obama administration. It got better when Trump was president, although you had peace groups that actually criticized Trump for pulling troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan. How can you call that position being for peace! In any case, now with Biden as president it’s starting to get horrible with the peace movement all over again.” }

We can't win at this pace. Activist groups and the media grow silent with a democrat (Obama) in power enabling warring that use to be a republican position. Setting up a facade that a republican can change policies as Trump conned the county with. End game was another major move to the right. Biden comes in on steroids while receiving yet another code of silence. I'd say you can't make this shit up, but it is made up. Why are so many missing this?

{From the late 1950s through the early ’70s, with the Cold War and the Indochina War both in full swing, the U.S. peace movement was nonpartisan. Most activists weren’t interested in whether the president and the Congress were in the control of Republicans or Democrats. Whether under LBJ or Richard Nixon, the movement was in the streets and militantly opposed to both parties as they enabled war to continue. The peace movement had allies in Congress that it supported and who supported the movement, but even as some of its members may have supported peace candidates like Eugene McCarthy against LBJ or George McGovern against Nixon, the antiwar movement wasn’t in the pocket of the Democratic Party. In fact, as time went on, it was the Democratic Party that found itself in the position of trying to win support from the activists.}

In other words. Back then we still had some representation with a genuine sense of reality? That reality has been completely replaced by ruling class agendas as capitalism faltered and fell on its face. I'll argue you'll find it virtually impossible to find a politician who isn't bought or self concerned towards careerism willing to collaborate today. As the article mentions Nixon's actions, possibly understanding that there was going to be a need to begin a strategy of confronting public addresses of concerns? Ordered by the ruling class to put a thumb on the public.

😟 But we’re now in a situation where many ostensible “peace” groups seem tied to the Democratic Party while the Biden administration pursues militaristic policies towards Iran, Russia and China, and sits on its hands as Israel pounds a captive civilian population in Gaza. 😟

William_Mary 8 June 12
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