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Democrats, media suppress new revelations of military and police complicity in January 6 coup attempt

More than five months since the January 6 coup attempt, there is an ongoing effort to conceal from the American people the full scope of the conspiracy and the fascistic forces mobilized by Trump and the Republican Party, with the aid of top officials in the FBI, the Pentagon and the US Capitol Police.

Virtually none of these facts have been reported by the mainstream media or mentioned by the Biden administration or the Democratic congressional leadership. Joining the conspiracy of silence, including on the integration of neo-Nazi paramilitary forces into the Republican Party and the state institutions of repression, are the so-called “progressives” within the Democratic Party. Not a word about these revelations has appeared to date on the twitter accounts of Bernie Sanders or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her follow House “Squad” members.


US Capitol Police hired fascistic military contractor to train emergency response unit

The logo of Northern Red Inc. features an Othala Rune with feet, a symbol that was used by two SS divisions during World War II. It appeared on the flag of the Volksdeutsche 7th SS Volunteer Mountain Division.

The same rune design was displayed at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference, during which former President Donald Trump gave a fascistic diatribe, railing against socialism and communism while demanding that the Republican Party be purged of his critics.


William_Mary 8 June 19
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