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What Media Don't Want To Tell About Arrests in Nicaragua

The US government and corporate media have been expressing their outrage about what they consider to be the growing dictatorial nature of the Ortega ‘regime’, but there is more to the story than they let on.


{Violeta Granera, a member of the political council of the Blue and White National Unity (UNAB) movement, which journalist Ben Norton has described as “an integral part of the US- and EU-backed efforts to form an opposition alliance”}

Ben Norton is one of the investigative journalist from The Grayzone who's articles I use here often. More on this issue from The Grayzone here >>> []

{As The Canary reported in December 2018, Jagger has not only expressed support for the crippling US sanctions already in place but even called for the European Union, Canada, and other Latin American nations to issue their own set of sanctions as well.}

The Canary is an empire dissenting news source from the UK I occasionally use here. []

{One of the letter’s signatories, human rights lawyer and professor at the University of Pittsburgh Dan Kovalik, said to The Canary:

“I am convinced that the mainstream coverage of the situation there represents the greatest misinformation campaign I have ever witnessed”.

He added:

“There has been no mainstream coverage I have seen about the violence perpetrated by the extreme opposition, though that violence has been substantial”.}

I can't stress how we are delivered a total delusional reality from our MSCM enough!

{The need for independent media to cut through the propaganda and add some balance, therefore, becomes greater with every passing day.}

If you don't regularly use the news sources I'm using here you'll never know just how deep the rabbit hole you're living in is.Your participation in water fountain and family speak will only be that of conditioned compliance and acceptance. We must all be armed with all the knowledge available in order to inform those around us of the real reality.

Sadly I see people from this very group who post or comment on other boards of political nature who are doing more harm than they may realize. They're actually adding to our problem within a compliant nature, how ever blissful it may be, by using MSCM sources and not properly deciphering the information in the articles.

Quite frankly it's contradictory to reality to acknowledge your intellectual awareness of the issues I and others genuinely understand and expose here and then allow a MSCM source or fake glorified news reporter who works for the ruling class draw you back into a one sided false narrative.

If you're using or reacting to information from any of the MSCM sources in this article, for example, without properly deciphering the information of all sides, which history usually will provide in foreign issues especially, then you're simply reverberating agendas against your own intended goals to inform others, trapping yourself and them in the same failed system. Which then encourages participation in the same failed voting process to change what you know as being our problem, stuck in the same failed cycle that needs to be brought to an end. And there is a vast amount of other deceptive news sources that work towards the capitalist agenda, including our public radio and broadcasting companies who have sold out to corporations for funding.

80% of the information we get from MSCM is manufactured for them to hand down to you for the benefit of the ruling class and their capitalist system. Public serviced information now works for them also. I'll argue that the vast majority of any specific type of news source or magazine style information is also geared towards their agendas within approximately a 20/80 good/bad percentage of reliable information. You have to be armed with realistic information to recognize if you're being scammed within bad propaganda.

William_Mary 8 June 20
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