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The Spirit of Carabobo Versus the Threats of Monroe

Simón Bolívar wrote that the United States “seemed predestined by Providence to plague Americas with miseries in the name of liberty,” Vijay Prashad reminds us.


{Regionalism, as Chávez recognized it, is not merely a platform of common markets and institutions to advance the interests of global corporations and national elites. This is the kind of regionalism that defines the European Union, for instance. Nor is it sufficient to develop a regionalism limited by the ideology of culture, which has often pervaded pan-Arabism and pan-Asianism.

The immense power of global corporations provokes the need for some kind of barriers, which can perhaps no longer merely be erected by individual countries, since they are vulnerable to sanctions and threats.

Which is what Chavez recognized and attempted to avoid. Unfortunately, Chavez, and now Maduro, had/have another problem confronting them. That is the remnants of European's now filtered into the DNA of the country as ruling class citizens who manage to control a large amount of the corporations and media. Remaining from the puppet governments before the revolution, they still remain as road blocks to a successful socialist system.

{Only a government backed by the force of the masses will have the fortitude to stand up to the authority and the power of “certain governments,” as Shailaja, Nyong’o, and Mayta said with care.}

Within trade agreements and colonialism farming and culture are always the first aspects that come under attack by invading corporate systems. This was highly recognized by Chavez who began to turn this around in Venezuela. Eradicating a large percentage of poverty after winning power he turned to these aspects to bring back lost art and cultural activities and injecting the people into the political process on a regional basis. Realizing each region can have its own particular aspect to address. Venezuela is a vast diversity of landscapes and people he had to consider.

Chavez began a 3 million home project for lower class citizens which Maduro completed since his death. Vowing to continue towards 5 million. During the past 2 election cycles citizens have been injected into many of the decisions being made in their regions and concerning the rebirth of cultural activities and communal farming to help with hunger sanctions have brought on.

Like Chavez, Maduro remembers it was the lower class Black Latino who came out of the borrows who played a pivotal role in confronting the west when they and their CIA kidnapped Chavez attempting to kill the revolution, pushing the opposition ruling class and their thugs out of the capital. When you have the support of the masses, you can manage to beat the west dogs of war. Even when they continue to manage to be brutally genocidal towards them. For they remember what it was before Chavez with no intentions of going back.

William_Mary 8 June 26
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the fact that the average citizen believes that venezuala is a failed state bc of socialism is really sad & reveals their ignorance/ indoctrination & stupidity.
most don't even have a clue about the damage that US sanctions have caused.

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