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US Concern for Cuba, Latin America Is Really Spin for Intervention

By manufacturing problems (i.e. by directly causing hunger and medicine shortages), as well as by magnifying or distorting existing problems and combining those with real hardships, the U.S. has been framing its intervention and dominance in certain countries as help that no one can reasonably oppose. The help discourse makes it hard for many people to perceive the real agenda and political interests of the U.S. and makes it very easy for the mainstream media to cover up the U.S. desire to increase its exploitation of Latin America.

In U.S. help speak, financial support for anti-government (read pro-U.S. agenda) groups is spun as aid, particularly through USAID. Bringing a pro-U.S. leader to power is framed as toppling a cruel dictator. Building towns where U.S. corporations and manufacturing plants can do whatever they want (i.e. the ZEDES, or zones for employment and economic development, in Honduras; or industrial parks in Mexico) and imposing privatization policies on poor countries is called “freedom,” “democracy,” “investment” or “economic support.”


{Democracy Now! talked to Daniel Monterro, an independent journalist in Havana who was arrested during the protests. He noted that the media had skipped over the fact that most people arrested were released the same day and that there was violence by both police and protesters. He said the sanctions were the main cause of economic hardships, and the Cuban-USians in Florida calling for a military intervention in Cuba was “some of the most colonial behavior I’ve seen in my life.”}

Of course these 2 issues were left out of our MSCM. I'll also go out on the limb here that the protest in Cuba weren't coincidentally orchestrated with Florida without help from some NGO and or think tank....

{It systematically supports repressive, conservative governments because they are the ones that protect its business interests. And despite its current discourse on the “root causes of migration,” the U.S. consistently and violently opposes movements and governments that side with the poor and could actually decrease inequality and prevent forced migration.

The U.S., and the U.S.-centric mainstream media, have two sets of standards: one for rebellious countries, another for pro-U.S. countries.

That’s why the U.S. and the media are speaking out about arrests in Cuba, while staying silent about disappearing activists and journalists in Mexico. It’s why the U.S. State Department talked about the “violence and vandalism” of the protesters in Colombia recently instead of criticizing the brutal repression. Biden has publicly supported Plan Colombia (currently called Peace Colombia), which makes the country one of the largest buyers of U.S. military equipment.}

Journalist and activist are murdered throughout Central America on an almost weekly basis. The numbers are in the hundreds each year. In each of these countries where we supposedly brought freedom and democracy, free speech against the government, calls for unions, and even teachers who incidentally speak a resemblance of socialism become victims of night time paramilitary raids leading to disappearances and or being gunned down in their homes.

While Venezuela gets a false reputation of being the home of cocaine for the US, we work with the actual producers and harbor of within Columbia. If you look up the genuine routes of cocaine transportation you'll find they go around Venezuela.

Vice had a program on a couple of months ago with a woman who went into the region and interviewed a number of players in the cocaine trade. Growth, production, and distribution. The map her team put together pretty much discarded Venezuela as being in any sense a partner of cocaine in or routed through Venezuela.

{What we’re seeing at the moment regarding the U.S. attitude towards Cuba is nothing new. I witnessed very similar tactics being employed in Venezuela. It was #SOSVenezuela placards and tweets when I was there, then #SOSEcuador was used against President Rafael Correa while I was working in Ecuador, and now #SOSCuba is being used.

The formula also includes versions of the following: causing or worsening food and medicine scarcity through blockades and hoarding, a media campaign portraying the government as a dictatorial regime, marches by mostly white and upper-class people, media and social media coverage of anti- government marches that exaggerates their size with selective visuals or even photos from other countries (or in the recent case of Cuba, using pro-government rallies as photos of opposition rallies), and a total media boycott of any pro-government marches. There is a focus on “freedom” and an absence of any context, historical causes of problems, or any real solutions, while everything is blamed on the government the U.S. seeks to change.}

As I exposed for years here with Venezuela with Abby Martins documentary from there, the pro-government rallies will never get time on our MSCM news programs. Who vastly outnumber the opposition with approximately 80% in support of. Why are these voices considered to have no value?

{The #SOSCuba social media campaign began just a week before the marches. The first tweets came from an account in Spain (with over a thousand tweets in a few days and automated retweets), which was then supported by other bots and recently created accounts. The tweets coincided with an increase in Covid-19 cases in Cuba, though the figures (around 40 deaths a day) are well below even the U.S.’s current death rate.} my conjecture above finds a solid foundation, it brings me no sense of gratitude. Why are we so few that can read between the lines, while others still lack the sense of applying history to be able to recognize the delusional reality manufactured for them. On another post from earlier this week one would attempt to claim the issues with the Cuban people is consumerism. A simplistic answer to a can of worms with various aspects of obvious interferences to overlooked that only the conditioned or compliant could make this mistake, or purposeful jester statement. Straight out of MSCM narrative.

William_Mary 8 July 17
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