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Hidden Hand of US Blockade Sparks Cuba Protests

But their scale has been exaggerated by the Western press and by Cuban Americans who have been predicting, for 60 years, the imminent fall of the Cuban government.

Media outlets like The New York Times wrote about “hundreds of Cubans” while Reuters described them as thousands.

In either case, Cuba has a population of 11 million people. The protests pale in comparison, both in terms of turnout and in state repression, to mass mobilizations that have rocked Colombia, Haiti, Chile, Ecuador and other Latin American countries over the past few years — or even Portland, Oregon, or Ferguson, Missouri


Hyperbole of a manufactured delusional reality.

{Moreover, U.S. media have paid little attention to the counter protesters, who have gone out into the streets to express their support for the government and Cuban Revolution. This includes Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel, who marched in the streets of Havana after denouncing the protests as an attempt to “fracture the unity of the people.”

The protests should also be understood in the context of a brutal economic war waged by the United
States against the island nation for more than 60 years. This was laid out clearly by the U.S. deputy assistant secretary of state in 1960, when he explicitly called for “denying money and supplies to Cuba, to decrease monetary and real wages, to bring about hunger, desperation and overthrow of government.” This strategy has failed in its goal of regime change for decades, and it is unlikely to be successful now.}

Same ole demonizing narrative and strategy used globally.

{Cuba, a nation of roughly 11 million people, has had fewer than 240,000 cases of Covid-19 and 1,537 deaths. By comparison, Ohio, which has a similarly sized population, has had 1.1 million cases and more than 20,000 deaths.

Despite the shortages, Cuban health policies have protected the population from the worst of the pandemic. With 139 deaths from Covid-19 per million population, Cuba places among the best performers in the hemisphere, miles ahead of the 1,871 deaths per million in the United States.}

I'd say that speaks volumes towards their medical capabilities and governmental/social structure for its citizens compared to ours. Any westernized government actually. Under the current conditions of 60 years of having an economic war waged on them, they can still do it better.

{For example, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) spends about $20 million a year funding dissident groups in Cuba.}

In other words. The wealthiest and corporate hoarders who would take the country back to a colonialism period for privatization and self benefit to spread impoverishment and reduce human rights.

{This propaganda extends to social media, where the hashtag #SOSCuba began trending in Florida days before the protests began. This suggests that there was a coordinated campaign to target the Cuban government and blame it for the hardships the Cuban people are facing.}

Just as we found out in the earlier post, we're witnessing interference from outside sources in a collaborate effort to manufacture a false narrative of over exaggerated proportions, while excluding the real issues of Cuba. This information coming straight from the country. As you read on you find the never ending final result. More migrants that are always the ignored reasoning to immigration issues. As long as they can falsely have our attention on a government, they can use immigrants as our national problem to distract us from horrid foreign policies manufactured for the benefit of the ruling class. People struggle and die in these countries under our names and tax dollars.

William_Mary 8 July 17
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Not sure I totally agree with all your synopsis. I totally agree about Reagan and he should have brought up on charges stemming from the Iran Hostage and Contra-gate.

t1nick Level 8 July 17, 2021

I searched US intervention in Central America. This comes from a Wikipedia article about the IS in Central America. Like I said, I only referenced to assure me of a correct time line. I was disappointed in its initial approached so only took first paragraph.

t1nick Level 8 July 17, 2021


Given a different political environment I would be willing to bet Obama would have suspended the sanctions and embargoes.

t1nick Level 8 July 17, 2021

You have to ignore the leaning possibility that Obama was a tool of deceit for the ruling class then. I however do not. He betrayed virtually all his campaign promises. It was later discovered he was funded and supported by a large military stock holder billionaire which is at least 1 factor why he would do so. He as all other presidents loaded his cabinet with wall street and corporate people. One of which was a banker, the bank escapes me presently, economy advisor, which that bank made out like fat rats during the great recession. Shortly after he went back to his bank. Obama became Bush Jr on steroids on foreign policy and the war agendas. Each president from Clinton on have taken their fair share of steroid use to expand the move right towards fascism. Obama was definitely no exception to give him any sense credit and not purposely plotting a deceitful Cuba illusion. Months before any president leaves office there's always an illusion he has a heart set forth to begin a false sense for the upcoming legacy about to be manufactured for them.

Robert Parry left his MSCM position as he faced Reagan's legacy while he attempted to bring more evidence against him and Bush Sr to light on the Iran-Contra story. Highly relevant to this Cuba issue! These legacies are tough aspects of the reality, hard to bring to light of truth. The site this article comes from was founded by Robert Parry as the first Internet news site in 1995. You can find more out about that struggle on the right of any page within the memoriam for him.

{Examining these documents and being already well-versed on this story – having previously travelled three continents pursuing the investigation for a PBS Frontline documentary – Bob became increasingly convinced that the Reagan campaign had in fact sabotaged Carter’s hostage negotiations, possibly committing an act of treason in an effort to make sure that 52 American citizens continued to be held in a harrowing hostage situation until after Reagan secured the election.

Needless to say, this was an inconvenient story at a time – in the mid-1990s – when the national media had long since moved on from the Reagan scandals and were obsessing over new scandals, mostly related to President Bill Clinton’s sex life and failed real estate deals. Washington also wasn’t particularly interested in challenging the Reagan legacy, which at that time was beginning to solidify into a kind of mythology, with campaigns underway to name buildings and airports after the former president.}

This very same process is well developed for Obama as it, as always now days, begins somewhere near the last 2 years of an 8 year administration. And no one wants to challenge these presidents with their legacies. That's a large part to why Biden faced no challenge to the Ukraine issue, or his sons. That would mean dragging down Obama with him. So Biden got away with doing what they falsely manufactured Trump with within fake impeachment hearings. And why the DOJ won't bring charges up on his son even though they have the evidence in the lap top that was surrendered. We support and fund fascist in Ukraine and no one wants to talk about it or how it was brought home from Ukraine. Obama, just another puppet who made it to millionaire status for helping to deceive American's.


Im not sure what you mean in the first paragraph of your response. I just quick referenced Wikipedia to verify some dates regarding the topic.

t1nick Level 8 July 17, 2021

When I open the link....

Wikipedia does not have an article with this exact name. Please search for Central American crisis. in Wikipedia to check for alternative titles or spellings.
You cannot create this article. You may need to log in or create an account and be autoconfirmed to start this page. Alternatively, you can use the Article Wizard, or add a request for it.
Search for "Central American crisis." in existing articles.
Look for pages within Wikipedia that link to this title.
Other reasons this message may be displayed:

If a page was recently created here, it may not be visible yet because of a delay in updating the database; wait a few minutes or try the purge function.
Titles on Wikipedia are case sensitive except for the first character; please check alternative capitalizations and consider adding a redirect here to the correct title.
If the page has been deleted, check the deletion log, and see Why was the page I created deleted?.

.....that's what I get. That doesn't offer me anything to build on my developed opinion or consider changing that opinion. It offers me nothing in the regards of research to redevelop my opinion. And as I stated before, your follow up afterwards correlates with the message I've been attempting to proved here for years.

That includes your comments on the changes of going from small groups into larger farming communities. I actually posted an article on that aspect of transformation a couple weeks ago. That is highly spoke on in many of the socialist groups I'm in for people to understand how capitalism mirrors that degradation of society within greed and oppression of the means of production, natural resources, and information.



Never opposed your contention. I just hypothesized an alternative ending had the trump Admin. not reversed the Cuba policy. set out by Obama. Not supported just speculated what might have happened. I have always been opposed to policy in Central America

t1nick Level 8 July 17, 2021

Well history goes against most of what you were hypothesizing on. I'm attempting to draw people from out of the delusional MSCM atmosphere here. Confusing the reality isn't going to help my agenda. Further explanation from collaborate members from a different angle and life experiences of breaking free from negative propaganda are useful. Such as also those who have a larger information base and recollection than mine.

I'll argue Obama is partially to blame for today while you might consider him as beneficial to Cuba. If Obama was serious he would have ended the embargo and sanctions and allowed the pieces to fall in place to benefit both Cuba and business. Besides the US, Israel is basically the only nation blocking the move to end this travesty. But his lack of actions were merely another sense of restrictions to give todays course to take place.

If the time between Obama and Trump would have presented the acknowledgement that Cuba's socialist structure could prevail within the capitalist arena unfettered, then Trump would be left exposed as the ruling classes puppet to then again bring the hammer down. The capital class isn't going to allow the world view to witness a fruition within a socialist government. It would expose all agendas specific to the Latin American economic wars and false narratives placed on them. That's basically like openly admitting we have alien life visiting earth which is going to upset all questions towards what god truly means. The obvious suppression these aspects of reality bring down on us.


This is a similar story that has been repeated by the US throughout all of Central America. America big corporations imposing their will throughout the area.

"In the aftermath of the Second World War and continuing into the 1960s and 1970s, Latin America's economic landscape drastically changed. The United Kingdom and the United States both held political and economic interests in Latin America, whose economy developed based on external dependence."


What the above excerpt doesn't bring out is how American Ag business came in. Along with the US government, they supported any leader that would stand against the burgeoning trend toward Socialistic governments. This included dictators and fascist governments.

Big Ag followed and with cooperation of the American installed governments, took over large tracts of land from the indigenous inhabitants. They changed the subsistence based agricultural practices in which the indigenous had a role and survived, into monoculture crops growing. Crops like sugar cane. Overtime, the monoculture crops degraded the land and indigenous peoples were forced to work for the large Ag owners. Usually at inferior wages and inferior working conditions.

This lead to a Socialist reaction, the capilistic models were not working to the benefit of the average worker. In order to prop up and protect the dictators, paramilitary units reaked havoc, unchecked throughout these countries.

How does this relate to Cuba. Just further example of US interference to the detriment of the countries they meddled.

t1nick Level 8 July 17, 2021

Your wikipedia link seems to suggest someone just attempted to create an article which is unreachable. That's quite interesting to a point I can only imagine someone is attempting to lure me into a trap. I have a fairly good imagination to what's happening here but I'd be a fool to attempt to place conjecture on it at this point.

You're follow up after the link is evidence that reverberates throughout virtually every colonized country, and after virtually every trade agreement made with other countries. So you've seemingly went from opposing my post and commentary to supporting me.

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