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“This is a virus that we need to eliminate”—Dr. Deepti Gurdasani condemns “herd immunity” policies


{DG:And that makes it very complicated. I think there needs to be a level of honesty around this. This is not a threshold we will likely be able to reach through vaccination or contain the pandemic through vaccination alone, unless we develop a next generation of vaccines that are effective against these newer variants, which may well happen. But it’s unlikely to be able to keep up with virus evolution unless we prevent new variants from evolving.}

{DG: I think several factors are at play; There are values at play, there are ideologies at play, and there are vested interests that are clearly influencing our governments who don’t have a public interest at heart.

When we talk about the values, I think rather than the values of protecting public health and compassion, many governments have had values of short-term economic gains and have unfortunately not realized that there is no dichotomy between public health and the economy and the countries that have managed to protect the economies the most are the ones that have gotten on top of the virus and managed to contain it.

I think the second thing is ideology. I think there is a lot of libertarian ideology that has influenced governments, particularly in the West, and exceptionalism, where there has been a certain arrogance in not learning lessons from many parts of the world that we could have learned lessons from, and that were affected earlier than us in the pandemic and responded much better.

And I think there are actually disinformation groups and vested interests. And we’ve seen this, for example, the Great Barrington Declaration that came out sometime last year and had a massive influence in policy in many different parts of the world, including the UK, by our senior officials who met with proponents of the Great Barrington Declaration. For those who are unfamiliar with it, they essentially promoted an idea of focused protection of the vulnerable by some sort of shielding and letting the virus spread to the rest of the population for them to develop herd immunity through natural infection. This was obviously unscientific and completely unethical, which has been shown repeatedly now in real world experience as well.

But it’s an idea that’s permeated the consciousness and policy of many countries, including Sweden, I think the Netherlands, certainly the UK and much of the West, which has been quite disappointing to see given there were very positive examples that we could have followed quite early on. And even now it’s not too late to follow those examples.}

William_Mary 8 Aug 3
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Experts have been saying for a while that herd immunity isn't likely attainable. People keep saying we all just need to get vaccinated and it will fix it. Wrong. They keep saying the unvaccinated are the reason for the mutated strains. Wrong. COVID started mutating in December of 2020, before mass production and administering of the vaccines. We have like 9 mutated strains already. COVID isn't the flu at all, but the flu mutates new strains all the time. Tons of people get vaccinated for the flu. In 2019, 175m people got vaccinated for the flu. Every year it mutates. It's going to be the same with COVID. It's the new normal. We will have to get vaccinated for it every year depending on how long the anti-bodies last. The only thing we can hope for is that our immune systems get better at protecting us from COVID and it's effectiveness against us turns into the flu's effectiveness against us. Of course, the most elderly amongst us will always be at greater risk, just as always. I have no idea if that will happen. I'm sure the experts have no idea if that will happen either.


Absolutely, this is a horrible disease with long term or permanent health deficits for people who get it, health issues we are still learning about. it's not a freaking cold or flu.

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