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Pelosi Fortune Rose Sharply in 2020

Nancy and Paul Pelosi's estimated net worth jumped by 16.2 percent in 2020 from the prior year, a sharper rise than the couple enjoyed in all but one other year over the past decade.


{Paul Pelosi is also a frequent trader of corporate stocks. Among his top holdings in 2020 were shares worth up to $25 million apiece in Apple, Amazon, and Visa, as well as stakes worth up to $5 million in companies including Comcast, Walt Disney, Square, Salesforce, Paypal, and Crowdstrike.}

Quite ironic they have stock in Crowdstrike. That should raise an eye brow of anyone who's even slightly awake if you still remember the 2016 Russian "hacking" of the DNC. []

{CrowdStrike, the private cyber-security firm that first accused Russia of hacking Democratic Party emails and served as a critical source for U.S. intelligence officials in the years-long Trump-Russia probe, acknowledged to Congress more than two years ago that it had no concrete evidence that Russian hackers stole emails from the Democratic National Committee’s server.

CrowdStrike President Shawn Henry's admission under oath, in a recently declassified December 2017 interview before the House Intelligence Committee, raises new questions about whether Special Counsel Robert Mueller, intelligence officials and Democrats misled the public. The allegation that Russia stole Democratic Party emails from Hillary Clinton, John Podesta and others and then passed them to WikiLeaks helped trigger the FBI's probe into now debunked claims of a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia to steal the 2016 election. The CrowdStrike admissions were released just two months after the Justice Department retreated from its its other central claim that Russia meddled in the 2016 election when it dropped charges against Russian troll farms it said had been trying to get Trump elected.}

It's easy to make accusations when you're not expecting the accused to make an appearance to the hearing. The public will never know the difference between fact and fiction when a foreign accused doesn't show up. Mueller was stopped in his tracks on this one though when the accused lawyers did show up. These troll farms which were a mere blip on the screen were used in a hyperbole manor as proof against the Russian government even though a number of specialist had debunked the data before hand. That information, as this information, though, was never released to the public by the collaborate MSCM. You have to have reliable independent sources to have known that shit was delusional manufactured fake news.

As you read on you find this also is tied into Michael Sussmann: This lawyer at Perkins Coie hired CrowdStrike to investigate the DNC breach. He was also involved with Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele in producing the discredited Steele dossier. What deceptions they must weave to con the citizens. Perceptions managed much?

William_Mary 8 Aug 22
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The Amazon and Crowdstrike stocks are the most interesting. Amazon has government contracts (not sure about the other companies) and Crowdstrike was largely responsible for the whole Russiagate issue. Dem fans will continue to ignore it. Everything just reinforces their cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias. Anything short of people coming out and confessing about stuff and Dem fans will ignore it. Hell, even if they confessed, Dem fans would still say they were coerced etc.

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