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Thousands of Nameless and Faceless Heroes: The History of the Trotskyist Left Opposition

A recurring question that socialists are perpetually forced to grapple with is “What about Russia?”. How did the first successful socialist revolution end up degenerating into a bureaucratic Stalinist dictatorship?

On August 20, 1940, Lev Davidovich (Leon) Trotsky was brutally murdered by one of Stalin’s henchmen. To commemorate his work and examine his ideas International Socialist Alternative is publishing a series of articles. This is based on a discussion at the ISA’s Virtual Marxist University, outlining the heroic struggle fought by Trotsky and his supporters in opposing Stalin.


“What about Russia?”

A false propaganda narrative we socialist are constantly confronted with is that of a false correlation of a failed socialist structure is primarily Russia, or the USSR, which took form in 1922 approximately 5 years after the revolution. It didn't fail, it was sabotaged, as this article will expose how. Already facing obstacles, as appropriate adjustments were needed and faced, opportunities for those who wanted to benefit themselves ultimately erased the genuine organizers for self beneficial accomplishments. Stalinism was born. Far from being the democratic socialism that was intended via the revolution, the USSR ultimately got a state-corporate communism structure.

Trotsky was brutally murdered by one of Stalin’s henchmen

A while back I posted a WSWS article exposing the DSA (democratic socialist of america) of having celebrated Trotsky's murder. A number of it's members, also associated with the Jacobin Magazine, who exposed themselves as the sick individuals and fake socialist they are. Their true discontent is that the WSWS questions actions of the likes of AOC, Bernie Sanders, the squad, and progressives as a whole, correlating them with the party, and the growing reader membership the WSWS has been experiencing since especially 2016. First you have to question the relationship of these representatives with this group and magazine, then why a self proclaiming entity of being against Stalinism would celebrate the murder of a very influential opponent of Stalin. You can't go both ways! []

As you read through this article, you should begin to, I will argue, see a rather correlated resemblance to what is currently happening in the US today. We are, actually have been for the past 2 decades, experiencing an erasure of as many socialistic aspects of the American structure system they can accomplish without raising widespread notice. This agenda is masked behind the several capitalist failures we have struggled through for 2 decades, exacerbated by the onslaught of this virus. Which has been purposely used, as all failures before hand, to enrich corporations and the ruling class. Exacerbating austerity measures and corporate crime dating back from at least the Regan era. In which their primary agenda has been to fund a war machine rather than its citizenship and infrastructure.

Todays debt ceiling "crisis" is a prime example of a created narrative priority of fake propaganda feeding off the above. There's no such fucking thing! [] This facade is just another aspect of corporate governance being used against us. What you need to understand is that when it comes to the economy is that we're not part of the genuine concern. Printing up money is only a solution to enrich the ruling class and corporations to falsely secure the ponzi schemes of the market. Printing money to actually help the continuing downfall of the American citizenship, within any aspect, will not be tolerated. That would require the action of actually developing a structure to benefit a growth of the middle class, lifting the lower and poverty classes towards higher standards.

I'll also argue that the shipping crisis of today is another manufactured crisis that could have been avoided. The criminal handling of the virus was the first stage. In the coming days or so I'm sure we'll get more information to also correlate it with the above. I haven't found time to look into it yet.

William_Mary 8 Oct 16
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i have talked with well educated ppl who use Venezuela as an example of how socialism always results in a failed state.
these ppl are so brainwashed & stupid that they just totally ignore ,or are not even aware of, the crippling economic/financial damage caused by the brutal American sanctions imposed on that country.
there is really no fcking hope.

Venezuela is another prime example that relates to the above, yes. Not only just Venezuela, but all the Latin American countries that have formed a unity and are built on a democratic socialist structure, that resist the western hegemony that uses the US as the power structure to lead this agenda. These nations all possess corporate structures, often backed by world financial institutes, that want to steal resources from these areas and use them for cheep labor.

Those nations which they have managed to colonize have lost much of their democratic nature and many of their rights as a free people. Columbia is a prime example that is used by MSCM in a false comparison to Venezuela. Often leading to Venezuela taking on an onslaught of false propaganda that Columbia is actually the perpetrator of in every aspect. And has allowed itself to be used by the western nations to help confront Venezuela as their vassal state. Only as free as they are allowed by the dominant nations as long as they play within their agenda. This is why Columbia is permitted to provide the US with a large percentage of its cocaine while the US and their owned MSCM often accuses Venezuela of this crime when a false narrative is needed to deceive the US population in regards to our interferences.

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