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Food Kills ---- Vice TV

Ok, I'm going to toss the proverbial ball of correlation down the hill here. Hoping all of you still not, or maybe just partially, convinced on the narrative of the group yet, will see how this subject matter is correlated to all aspects of our governing, seeing how this ball grows into more proof. Again, how it, also is like all aspects of our society, is controlled by the ruling class and their corporations. A little of my story in it first which I'm sure many have quite a similar story. It isn't entirely our fault. And the reason I make that statement is because a large part of the blame can be traced back to about 1930.

My doctor has been on me, due to family genetics which had began to play out several years ago, about my sugar intake and diabetes. I believe it was 2012 when I had a mild heart attack requiring a stint. I've been on the aspirin,the typical blood pressure medicine diet, and the rest of the typical medications that come with heart disease for several years now. My last DOT physical caught traces of sugar in my urine a few months back, and then in my blood test from my wellness check a little over a month ago. Stage ll diabetes has caught up to me.

Last year I suggested a Vice TV program called {WHILE THE REST OF US DIE}. Season 2 has just started and this weeks episode was on the food industry. If your cable or Internet provider offers Vice as a channel for you I highly suggest you watch at least this segment. Especially if your family shares genetics resembling mine, hopefully, before you get to my point, if not already. Look for a replay this week!

Episode 1 of season 2 is available now but episode 2 probably not until nest week sometime.


The show will describe how the food industry began to change in 1930 to fight hunger in which sugar became a leading benefactor for corporations to produce packaged meals adding to shelve life. This process was a cause of most fibers being eradicated from a lot of foods. It will also describe how industries have been able to manipulate our government and eventually monopolize the food industry. The deceptions used to push foods as being good which are as bad or worse as those we're told of. These companies learned from the cigarette companies how to fight legal battles and how to produce misleading propaganda for advertisement.

One point made last night that pissed me off, thinking of my mom, is the false narrative that whole milk is bad for us. When actually the fat in it is supposedly good for us, while the low fat and so on supposedly add to our health issues. My poor mother spent all those years drinking that crap shit for milk while it was adding to her health issues.

This food issue took a relative turn in the Reagan era. It covered the restoration of the Florida everglades during the Clinton administration, how 2 brothers in the sugar cane industry down there conned and bought him off from completing the entire scope of the project. How corporations now essentially control virtually all our farmers and create farm wars based on a pay scale of incentive. They are forced to run their farms and feeding according to the corporation and are paid by who's animals grow the largest for production.

Billionaire projects on seeds and farming, especially in Africa and India were brought up.

Don't miss a chance to see this show if you get it. It will correlate with every aspect of government I attempt to expose here of the relationship of the ruling class and our government. It's purely just another way they kill us off for capital gain.

William_Mary 8 Oct 30
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Actually the way they structure things is to bleed us dry as consumers and as medical patients first, with the copays and medical premiums, and after becoming broke, we then die as by then we no longer serve any use for them as profit generators.

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