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4 Years Later, NYT Says Steele Dossier ‘Turned Out to Be Democratic-Funded Opposition Research’

“Federal authorities on Thursday arrested an analyst who in 2016 gathered leads about possible links between Donald J. Trump and Russia for what turned out to be Democratic-funded opposition research, according to people familiar with the matter.”

The key phrase is “turned out to be”, as the Times has belatedly come to understand that the Steele Dossier, which became the focal point of manic Democratic-slanted reporting, was nothing more than opposition research, a mix of some fact and mostly fiction, which both parties routinely serve up in campaigns to sling mud at their opponents.


{But the Steele Dossier was fervently believed by Democratic partisans, at times fanatically, as if it were solid intelligence, in the face of the facts. Robert Parry, the late founder of this website, was in the forefront of questioning and debunking the bogus story that was widely and profoundly believed, to the point of U.S. sanctions being imposed on Russia, spiking tensions between the nuclear-armed powers.}

{After the article appeared at Consortium News, I tried to penetrate the mainstream by then publishing a version of the article on the HuffPost, which was rebranded from the Huffington Post in April this year by new management. As a contributor to the site since February 2006, I was trusted by HuffPost editors to post my stories directly online. However, within 24 hours of publication on Nov. 4, HuffPost editors retracted the article without any explanation.}

The truth will not be tolerated.

{But Huffington stepped down as editor in August 2016 and has nothing to do with the site now. It is run by Lydia Polgreen, a former New York Times reporter and editor, who evidently has very different ideas. In April, she completely redesigned the site and renamed it HuffPost.}

I found them questionable before with multiple writers and journalist. Those who have been here a while know my opinion on news sites like this. SO if you're someone who follows this source today still, I highly suggest you question everything!

{However, because of the oft-repeated “17 intelligence agencies” canard and the mainstream media’s careless reporting, the public impression has built up that the accusations against Russia are indisputable. If you ask a Russia-gate believer today what their faith is based on, they will invariably point to the Jan. 6 assessment and mock anyone who still expresses any doubt.}

How bad is it? Last year we had a new member, younger lady, join the group from Youngstown Ohio. I'm not sure if she is still listed as a member. As an Ohioan I was finally glad to see a fellow state member join the group. I don't have many here and those who are don't participate. I can actually think of only one other. On a post the issue of WMD in Iraq came up where she obviously became incited over my acknowledgment they were absent. Quite frankly I was in shock that anyone still believes that there were WMD in Iraq based on the false narratives that were presented to us! How long will it take for people to come to terms with this 5 year campaign that's still going to understand they've been stuffed down the largest rabbit hole of all of history?

{Part of this Russia-gate groupthink stems from the outrage – and even shame – that many Americans feel about Trump’s election. They want to find an explanation that doesn’t lay the blame on the U.S. citizenry or America’s current dysfunctional political/media process. It’s much more reassuring, in a way, to blame some foreign adversary while also discrediting Trump’s legitimacy as the elected president. That leaves open some hope that his election might somehow be negated.}

In other words. Rather than confront the glaring indications provided by various unbiased sources that we have in regards of both establishment parties, and our election process, of being criminal and fraudulent, working against society, a majority of our citizenry allow themselves to be drawn into a delusional reality, purposefully created for them.

{And, so many important people and organizations seem to be verifying the Russia-gate suspicions that the theory must be true. Which is an important point. When belief in a story becomes faith-based or is driven by an intense self-interest, honest skeptics are pushed aside and trampled. That is the way groupthink works, as we saw in the run-up to the U.S. invasion of Iraq when any doubts about Iraq possessing WMD made you a “Saddam apologist.”

They won’t waste time making a painstaking examination of the facts or engage in a detailed debate even on something as important and dangerous as a new Cold War with Russia.}

We know how that works here. We get a dose of the same repetitive rhetoric that comes from perception management. Even when we provide substantial information to address, rhetoric with no substance is the only response, often followed by personal attacks when you call them out.

Why Critical News is Suppressed

{But the HuffPost’s action is hardly isolated. It is part of a rapidly growing landscape of censorship of news critical of American corporate and political leaders who are trying to defend themselves from an increasingly angry population. It’s a story as old as civilization: a wealthy and powerful elite fending off popular unrest by trying to contain knowledge of how the insiders gain at the others’ expense, at home and abroad.

A lesson of the 2016 campaign was that growing numbers of Americans are fed up with three decades of neoliberal policies that have fabulously enriched the top tier of Americans and debased a huge majority of the citizenry. The population has likewise grown tired of the elite’s senseless wars to expand their own interests, which these insiders try to conflate with the entire country’s interests.

America’s bipartisan rulers are threatened by popular discontent from both left and right. They were alarmed by the Bernie Sanders insurgency and by Donald Trump’s victory, even if Trump is now betraying the discontented masses who voted for him by advancing tax and health insurance plans designed to further crush them and benefit the wealthy.

Trump’s false campaign promises will only make the rulers’ problem of a restless population worse. Americans are subjected to economic inequality greater than in the first Gilded Age. They are also subjected today to more war than in the first Gilded Age. American rulers today are engaged in multiple conflicts following decades of post-World War II invasions and coups to expand their global interests.

People with wealth and power always seem to be nervous about losing both. So plutocrats use the concentrated media they own to suppress news critical of their wars and domestic repression. For example, almost nothing was reported about militarized police forces until the story broke out into the open in the Ferguson protests and much of that discontent has been brushed aside more recently.}

Suppressed from the public was the betrayal of Sanders of his supporters. Most from the republican party and some independents of which went back to the republican party to vote for Trump. All the court cases across the nation that exposed fraudulent caucuses and voter tampering, both in registering list and uncounted ballots. The court case against the DNC and Clinton when it became public that Sanders donations went to the Clinton campaign. When it was exposed that the DNC can virtually ignore the voting process and pick the candidate of their choice. Which is essentially what happened when Sanders broke his promise to fight at the convention. Stood silent as caucuses were being systematically taken from him, and uncounted ballots were being reported by numerous places. None of which the media, or government, followed through on. Russiagate was a designed agenda to make all the corruption of both parties disappear. It was also what ultimately gave us the insurrection exposing the nation of turning towards the acceptance of fascism from both parties. This should be a major indication to all citizens of any related party that we need to unite before it goes much further. That's what the ruling class fear!

{Careerist journalists readily acquiesce in this suppression of news to maintain their jobs, their status and their lifestyles. Meanwhile, a growing body of poorly paid freelancers compete for the few remaining decent-paying gigs for which they must report from the viewpoint of the mainstream news organizations and their wealthy owners.

To operate in this media structure, most journalists know to excise out the historical context of America’s wars of domination. They know to uncritically accept American officials’ bromides about spreading democracy, while hiding the real war aims.}

There's that word I pound into my post to use. !HISTORY! You know who they are. Quit giving them the ratings!

{Examples abound: America’s role in the Ukraine coup was denied or downplayed; a British parliamentary report exposing American lies that led to the destruction of Libya was suppressed; and most infamously, the media promoted the WMD hoax and the fable of “bringing democracy” to Iraq, leading to the illegal invasion and devastation of that country. A November 2017 60 Minutes report on the Saudi destruction of Yemen, conspicuously failed to mention America’s crucial role in the carnage.}

When you don't know about it, you can't make an intellectual vote on it. I was covering the Ukraine issue in this group 2 or 3 years before it was finally beginning to get any sense of relative mention in the media. Same as Yemen, Syria. And we still have the same issues going on in these places today that aren't being genuinely addressed. Large regions of Africa are currently now on a projective course to go as Libya went. All under the radar of the public within a deceptive narrative.

{“Remember what Libya or Iraq looked like before these countries and their organizations were destroyed as states by our Western partners’ forces?” Putin said. “These states showed no signs of terrorism. They were not a threat for Paris, for the Cote d’Azur, for Belgium, for Russia, or for the United States. Now, they are the source of terrorist threats. Our goal is to prevent the same from happening in Syria.”}

Why Russia Is Targeted

Well, if you wouldn't take my word for it. Here's another.

{So, where are independent-minded Western journalists to turn if their stories critical of the U.S. government and corporations are suppressed?

The imperative is to get these stories out – and Russian media has provided an opening for some. This has presented a new problem for the plutocracy. The suppression of critical news in their corporate-owned media is no longer working if it’s seeping out in Russian media (and through some dissident Western news sites on the Internet).

The solution has been to brand the content of the Russian television network, RT, as “propaganda” since it presents facts and viewpoints that most Americans have been kept from hearing. But just because these views – many coming from Americans and other Westerners – are not what you commonly hear on the U.S. mainstream media doesn’t make them “propaganda” that must be stigmatized and silenced.}

While I find RT a relief from the delusional reality of MSCM, I must warn it also is currently under new management from about a year ago. It provides a few great shows of political opinions and a news cast of prime time viewing more informative than our MSCM. But you have to pick the right shows and news cast carefully. I'll post those I find to be the best with reasoning tomorrow, with hints on those I don't trust on others.

{Then last week, Reporters Without Borders, an organization supposedly devoted to press freedom, tried to kick journalist Vanessa Beeley off a panel in Geneva to prevent her from presenting evidence that the White Helmets, a group that sells itself as a rescue organization inside rebel-controlled territory in Syria, has ties to Al Qaeda. The Swiss Press Club, which hosted the event, resisted the pressure and let Beeley speak.}

Beeley, who's work I posted here before Syria became covered by MSCM is the most influential investigative reporter who exposed the false narrative of the White Helmets and chemical weapons attacks in Syria. Our film industry gave them rewards. Even after she tied them to fake rescue videos and a relationship to the terrorist groups in Syria. In some instances taking pictures with them in celebrations and in accompanying in beheadings and public assassinations. Remnants of their clothing and identical wear found in schools and hospitals from which they helped terrorist built bombs. Along with the fake rescue scenes were fake hospital scenes designed to implicate chemical weapon use that never happened. Many citizens reported their wounded love one's were carted off to come back dead with their organs missing.

'One of the dirtiest tricks' of the 2020 election exposed in FBI raid

And apparently, that slanted reporting isn't over yet, after 5 years, for Rachel Maddow anyways. Who was probably the biggest leader of that repetitive spread of that fake news during the entire duration. Notice the hyperbole animated introduction right out of the gate. That's to create a collective capturing of her audience. This is an action traced back as far back as Hitler to captivate the mass audiences who would join at his speeches. It's a vastly common trait for politicians today who give a speech or interviews on TV. The Clinton's are perfectionist with it. AOC had it mastered before becoming the fraud she is. Anytime you see the flailing of hands and overactive body language, you're most likely being fed bullshit towards a managed perception. I seen reports about this story a while back. If you seriously are conned into her statement that she got this completely out of the blue, from a newspaper from another planet, I have a bridge to sell you. What ever you as a collective can muster up, I'll sell it to you. You can send the money to ....... to get its location and ownership tittle.

Clues it is highly questionable, separated from the above, which should be the first clue. It's from the NYT's! It has been released from another source and been under investigation. If you think a matter of such a high ranking person as the current candidate for president, former vice president, involving his daughter, isn't on the MSNBC list of highly relative issues to follow, please see bridge note above. She keeps referring to Biden as president before he was the president. She admits its release was a week and a half before the 2020 election. I guarantee you every MSCM has had all eyes and ears on this story for their journalist who cover this aspect of government from the moment it hit the Internet.

Then she sells it as outlandish an unbelievable. Stating if it was a movie you'd walk out of it.

The Hunter Biden lap top issue is brought up by her guest, NYT's Michael Schmidt. Clearly a proven concerning issue involving criminal activity by the Biden's in Ukraine that has exposed unethical practices, which neither sides of the MSCM has professionally addressed as the forth estate. Who also admits the time line of release. The NYT's? Often found having a long history of retracting stories, as the initial post is on, after seemingly working with and or for the intelligence agencies agendas time after time? Please see the bridge note above. The he admits it came up during the lap top issue. Quite frankly, that pretty much just blew the entire, never knew about it, so far out of the window it's as a bomb blew it out.

When you only spread false propaganda of election tricks of the other side, you're covering up your own sides.

Maddow doubles down on new stating the public hasn't heard about it. Her public, didn't know about it because they chose not to report on it. Why now? Preceding the coming of a new cover up to benefit Biden as information comes out. Managing perceptions before this information comes out as they did with the lap top issue would again quell public opinion from discovery of the crimes and demanding a congressional investigation. She's essentially mocking what could become a real issue as the lap top issue was in efforts to diminish any public concern. This is the same collective narrative used to get Biden past his crimes in Ukraine, and Hunter's lap top that exposed those and more of his in other countries in regards of millions he was receiving in gifts and unethical practices of riding his dads coat tail. Which ultimately were based on a pay to play bases. Maddow is still using deception on the 2020 election cycle to keep her viewers entrapped in a delusional reality she created then, needs to justify it now and keep it going. Rather than being a genuine reporter, !she's not a journalist! she works outside of sincere issues that would benefit society for the agenda of the ruling class.

At one time many moons ago I seen her as someone who covered issues apart from the other prime time shows on MSNBC. But she has obviously been redirected towards the head of the table for journalist deception for the left partisan division group there.


William_Mary 8 Nov 6
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Was just a matter of time for this to get out. You shouldn't expect any of these radical left wingers here to be open minded enough to pay attention, much less provide any real evidence to support an apposing viewpoint. They all live in their woke bubble. Am hoping more like this will follow with more arrests of perpetrators involved. Here's a book I just found I'm going to order. (The Dying Citizen: How Progressive Elites, Tribalism, and Globalization Are Destroying the Idea of America) []

As a few of us noted during the 2020 election cycle, and many agreed on, Biden wouldn't provide any real change in the manor he spoke of. Or the cabinet picks he was making as they were announced. A couple of us debated this with the person below your thread on this post. As you can see from his reply, he still remains in their delusional reality and can't recognize the difference between a source of coherent information of substance from one that deals in deceit. When offered a challenge to support himself from his source, he chose to decline by putting words in my mouth while using common rhetoric to explain how he feels about me. While I simply feel he is misguided. My only goal here is to attempt to show people how they are misguided. Without being extremely negative as the nature of politics and social media can be. However hard that is being the truth can seemingly be harsh, even within careful wording. Whether they be from the left or right!

Recently reported is that Biden's approval numbers have taken a spiral down of late. He has virtually caused every aspect that was created during Trump's presidency worse. And any before Trump. In other words. The international ruling class agendas are still raging havoc on the world society which has us in the US looking even more like the instigators of unnecessary world issues. The media has even bent so low to talk about his god dam farts.

It's a slow process, but people are coming around. But leading out with a narrative of progressives then turn to tribalism however may diminish the type of people who will want to read the book. Right off the top it seems divisional in its own right, when the scope that's at issue is the entire establishment. I'm curious to what political affiliation the writer supports. With the added globalization that is a nationalist issue also, I'm leaning towards a right wing person who is going to point a finger purely at the left.

My previous reply was made in the morning while preparing for work. But I wanted to give you a proper response for your participation in the group so that you don't think I just wrote you off. So I did a search on the writer Hanson to get a better view of him. I hope you let us know how the book goes though!

My previous view of indicators were fairly correct. He has a long history of conservative ideology behind him, strong associations with MSCM, and more concerning, participation within at least 2 conservative think tanks and held a series of positions in ideologically-oriented institutions and private foundations, and a private Christian institution.

Oddly, I can't find any information on his mother despite her being a California superior court and state appeals court justice. Seems to have a high interest in the military. I think it's safe to say, everything going conservative here.

He comes form a farming family which indicates to me that it's probable of capitalist ideology. Which leads to one positive note, maybe --- Hanson lamented the decline of family farming and rural communities, and the loss of agrarian voices in American democracy. Agrarian voices referring to equitable distribution of land. Seems he might have a decent view on immigration, depending on his terms of legal. Again, I find myself curious to his writings. Have you read any of these other books or his works?

Get down to his political views and it becomes quite confusing. He's all over the spectrum, supposedly once a democrat. He highly supported Bush Jr, Rumsfeld, the Iraq war, and pretty much everything about Trump. Trump phased him on his book supporting him. Quickly losing me. I'm now scared to what he's throwing out into the public political landscape. According to a review on that book Carlos Lozada makes Hanson seem like a mirror of Trump. That's coming from a Washington Post critic for all it's worth though. For a once registered democrat though he seemingly has no love for them at all now.

"In an era of the greatest affluence and security in the history of civilization, the real question before us remains whether the United States— indeed any Western democracy—still possesses the moral clarity to identify evil as evil, and then the uncontested will to marshal every available resource to fight and eradicate it."

It just gets worse as it moves into the race realm and then Russia. I have my own gripes with democrats, Clinton, and Obama. But they're on a realm of reality. Not obvious party division tactics. This guy is purely a manufacturer producing feed for nationalist and fascist ideology.



Can you provide the points with opinion in the SSCI that proves it wasn't a hoax? Being the article you posted didn't have the respect of due diligence of extracting key evidence within a mile long pdf for us to examine? I'm sure you read it and can now find it more simply than us and break it down to links for us. Seriously, even if we all broke it down into parts among several members, it would take us a month to do it. And I really trust you to do it much more than The Atlantic. Which I don't trust. Such an article is why.

@William_Mary No point. We both think the other is crazy and blind.

@William_Mary The author of the article (Franklin Foer) that Jeff is using sent his fraudulent Slate story about Trump ties to Russian bank Alfa to Fusion GPS before it was published to get the ok on it. It was right before the 2016 election. I wouldn't trust anything Franklin Foer puts out.....or Jeff.


"Franklin Foer, the stenographer who wrote the fraudulent Slate article smearing Trump and Alfa, sent Fusion GPS an advance copy of that piece after having been told "time to hurry"."


"Clinton foreign policy adviser and current National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan would put out a written statement trumpeting the Trump-Alfa Bank story, which was shared by then-candidate Clinton on Oct. 31, 2016, after Slate reported on it. Fusion GPS, the Washington opposition-research group that worked for the Clinton campaign as a paid agent, and helped gather dirt on Alfa Bank and draft the materials Sussmann would later submit to the FBI, reportedly pressed Slate to publish the story by the account of its author, journalist Franklin Foer."

@Piece2YourPuzzle that answers a lot! Some of the same information I'm getting from the Grayzone on several coverages. They've covered about every angle possible to this story. Actually doing the work and detailing it for us to understand.

I knew Jeff wouldn't take time to make a substantial argument on his own behalf. He can't seemingly make coherent judgments on anything I post with the information within those articles let alone that pdf. When I opened it up I laughed my ass off knowing he couldn't have possibly put the time into reading that to make any intellectual judgment on the article that had essentially nothing in it, other than the pdf. That's what they count on. They throw a couple of spineless accusations and a little rhetoric around, and then people like Jeff throw them out there like they know something. And the line of ignorance takes form.


I posted why Russiagate was bull from the start. It was obvious. Some people still believe it and will defend it to no end though.


Is someone paying you by the word? Too many for me to absorb on a Sunday morning still laying in bed!

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