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A Chorus of Misinformation About US Employment

As the economy gradually melts down into levels of deprivation and drudgery not seen in decades, working people are subjected to a chorus of misinformation from liberal sources.


{Moreover, Emsi/ Burning Glass Technologies et analytics reported that 43 percent of college graduates are underemployed in their first job; 66 percent of graduates will be underemployed after five years and 75 percent will be underemployed after 10 years.

The numbers plainly show that our economic model is failing to provide sustainable and permanent jobs for the vast majority of the workforce.}

At one point, approximately 3 to 4 decades ago, the pertaining result from job losses of permanent employment being sent abroad dictated the motion for essentially all age ranges to seek out some sort of higher or alternative education to indoctrinate into a new manufactured employment scheme.

{Before examining the factors that have led to job losses, the authors discuss two periods that saw manufacturing employment fall sharply—1980 to 2000 and 2000 to 2017. Two million jobs were lost between 1980 and 2000 and 5.5 million jobs were lost between 2000 and 2017. The authors note that these losses have affected the employment rates of prime age workers, finding that a “10 percentage point decline in the local manufacturing share reduced local employment rates by 3.7 percentage points for prime age men and 2.7 percentage points for prime age women.”

What is most responsible for the manufacturing job losses? Rising trade with China is often cited as a possible culprit. But competition from China only accounts for about a fourth of the decline in manufacturing during the 2000s. This theory is further eroded by the fact that local markets that did not compete with Chinese imports also saw employment declines.}

I'll argue that the failing capitalist system sent corporations into higher profit seeking modes mainly by cutting out employees. My company did this during this period along with ending our healthcare benefits for 4 years. Doubling the work on many employees in the corporate arena.

I recall many of those in my circle having gone to school to learn a trade, that trade being exported abroad within a short period, going back to school to learn another trade. The medical field has seemingly been the benefiting field. But also in it, came the chaos of fluctuations. If these jobs don't provide higher than living wages, people eventually grow tired of returning to school and or putting their money into school and loans to get basically no where. A vast amount of our population has been indoctrinated into lower waged jobs permanently. []

{The mainstream corporate media is a key component in dispensing misinformation. The plan is simple. Keep working people distracted from the structural problems in our economic model.

Rather, trot out the usual convenient scapegoats to blame. Those would be “immigrants,” “minorities,” “big government” and “labor unions.”

There is overwhelming evidence that none of the above are responsible for an economy that is gradually shredding the lives of working people:

Immigrants contribute to the economy in many positive ways.}

Big government and immigrants should be the obvious hypocrisies for those who actually put work into understanding our problems. Starting with the Reagan era, the king of government is to big and needs to stay out of peoples business. Began building government from the mouth on the backside of his head that lead to todays multiple intelligence agencies with their heads up our asses beginning with a perception management campaign. In which the MSCM followed suit within compliance.

Migrants were simply forced to go to those who were responsible for destroying their lives and countries, including countries around them during the Reagan and Bush Sr. administrations.

{The prevailing narrative of scapegoats gains currency largely due to the mainstream corporate media. Add to that the relentless and repetitive pack of disinformation distributed by rightwing media at a breathtaking pace. There are approximately 1,500 conservative talk radio stations across the country relentlessly that keep working people marinated in disinformation.

The Columbia School of Journalism reported in July 2020 that Nexstar and Sinclair, companies with a profoundly conservative perspective, now own the majority of television stations in the country.}

{A progressive model must be developed to disabuse working people of the destructive path ahead; neo-fascism appears to be closer as a political reality here than imagined in prior decades.

Spiritual and secular entities that oppose the serpentine plans of the controlling class must continue to speak, write and distribute facts. Connect the dots. Facts do matter.}

No one seemingly has the balls to direct us towards a "secular entity". There's no spiritual organization standing at a podium voicing significant observations of the vast increases of fascism taking place around the globe. The main artery of christian organized religion helped the high level fascist escape Germany at the end of WWII for it to remain alive. How do we count on it to voice against it? Clearly it has no intention to do so.

Our progressive representation in the US remains silent along with the president as though it doesn't exist. The words escape them. How do we count on a president to confront the very ideology he supported into power in Ukraine? And a MSCM who will not speak about it.

Our so called democratic socialist representation betray the works of Marx and Engels, which exposes how a failing capitalist system can only lead to fascism, for a fake socialist group and new source. They can't be relied on or trusted either.

William_Mary 8 Nov 22
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