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LINK For a Global Workers’ Inquest into the COVID-19 Pandemic

Drawing upon the research of scientists, the knowledge of public health experts and the real-world experience of working people and students, the [Global Workers’ Inquest into the COVID-19 Pandemic] will investigate and document the disastrous response of governments, corporations and the media to the outbreak of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. It will seek to expose the political and economic forces and interests that drove the policies that allowed the uncontrolled transmission of the virus and its development into a catastrophic pandemic that has killed millions worldwide.

I'm thinking of signing up, but I wonder, exactly, what would volunteers be doing?

altschmerz 9 Nov 28
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{It will reach out to workers and students for real-life information to document the impact of the pandemic on the lives of ordinary people.

The WSWS—which is the publication of the International Committee of the Fourth International and its affiliated Socialist Equality Parties—will provide organizational scaffolding and impulse for the Inquest. But this immense project requires the active collaboration of specialists in many fields active in the fight against the pandemic.

In seeking to develop this collaboration in the practical work of the Inquest, the WSWS does not require agreement of all participants with the socialist program that it advocates. There will be differences among those involved in the Inquest on the best forms of political, social and economic organization of future society. But this collaboration will require among its participants an unyielding commitment to scientific truth, the elimination and eradication of COVID-19, and the safeguarding of life, culture and the future of humanity.

We appeal to all those who wish to assist in the work of the Inquest to fill out the form below.}

Basically I imagine for ordinary citizens they're asking for details such as who in your circle has came down with the virus. What effects it had on you and or your family. Deaths, hospitalization, financially effected how it left you or people you know. From the beginning were you considered an essential worker, how that effected you, possibly others you worked with and came into contact with. How you view your state and local handling of the virus, personal opinion or conjecture of.

On the other hand I think they're looking for people in professional fields such as doctors, nurses, and scientist who worked in the healthcare system, possibly also virus related research for various types of companies, possibly main street business owners and business managers. Some of these people who can also provided an indication of the types of messages that were being handed down from the corporate structure.

@altschmerz numbers are essential to what they want and need.

I would carefully weigh those people by their reaction to having contracted the virus, and then maybe send those who you might think would have a positive reaction to the intent of WSWS a article you find best displays WSWS explanation of unethical and criminal actions. There's plenty of them.

I know we can't all feel the same, but I personally don't care what people or family think of me for my social outlook in any arena. Quite frankly mine has helped to extract the negativity and indoctrinated from having to deal with such. The more that exclude themselves from my life leaves me from having to waste my time confronting their blissful existence.


That's a good question!

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