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On the Biden Plantation

The idea that Joe Biden would provide harm reduction was created to help the unpopular candidate secure an electoral victory. The reality is a litany of lies and certain defeat for democrats at the polls. There is no harm reduction in a system dedicated to neo-liberalism and austerity.

“Biden came across as a plantation owner telling the field hands that they have a good life and ought to be grateful.”


{In 2020 Obama and the rest of the party establishment decided to make Biden the nominee, ordering others out of the race and clearing the field for the candidate who had no constituency outside of the wealthy individuals and corporations that keep the democrats afloat. A combination of fundraising prowess and antipathy towards Donald Trump created a large voter turnout and Biden won the popular and electoral vote.}

Same as 2016 on a rigged primary. Only the virus made it easier to hide in 2020. It again went funny in Iowa, then bang, Biden went from last to first in a heart beat. And everyone bowed to the hidden powers. The vast amount of voters missed this because all perceptions were managed to beat Trump at all cost. Congratulations. The cost is knocking us further into the gutter on all aspects of society.

Did any of you catch any of yesterdays press meeting? Who does Biden think he is now putting on a lengthy question and answer show? Putin? Who the hell allowed him to go in front on the nation and deliver that brainless empty ranting episode. What an embarrassment to our country.

Build back America went lame just as I predicted from the first mention of it. And they thought putting him out there without a coherent thought process would help to make those of us who called it right accept his ruling class servitude.

{Biden was propelled by the same propaganda effort when his term began one year ago. We were told that he was “the most progressive president since FDR.” The democrats are still living off their reputation from Franklin Roosevelt’s Social Security Act and the creation of Medicaid and Medicare during the Lyndon Johnson administration. No democrat has created anything of the sort in the last 50 years but the memories lingers and scoundrels evoke the past in order to fool the people in the 21st century.}

We also said the fake progressives and socialist would cave, just as they did during the primary. The primary was the underscoring precursor to the deception already planned well before the election cycle. How many chapters of this delusional democratic biography need pointed out before we can awaken their supporters to the fraud it is?

At least with Trump we all knew he was lying virtually every day. Biden lied to us while exposing his true intentions. With Trump it was merely a matter of his supporters excepting his true fascist nature. With Biden, his supporters failed to recognize how we were separately detailing his deceptive speech, that correlated with his history. If you voted for Biden you essentially voted for him in the same manor Trump supporter voted for him. Ignoring all the evidence and warnings that were provided.

{Biden is nothing if not consistent and transparent. He does see himself as the boss who tells Black people that they shouldn’t complain. As he famously said in the December 2020 meeting, “If it doesn’t count for y’all to hell with y’all!” }

William_Mary 8 Jan 20
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