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It Takes A Touch Of Madness

It takes a touch of madness to take seriously the possibility that your entire society is insane.


In other words for some of us here, for the sake of the group. Exactly

{I mean, we’re staring down the barrel of extinction on multiple fronts while the depraved status quo becomes more and more entrenched, and you think it’s a wise expenditure of energy to sow division and trash the reputation of powerless people who don’t agree with you on one thing? Says a lot about your clarity.

I think it revealed a lot about who’s actually in this to help make the world a better place and who’s just in it for ego and aggrandizement. If someone disagreeing with you about this one thing means you need to focus your fire on them instead of on the empire, you’re just in this for ego.}

If you think you're rising into or at their level of their realm of power by ignoring the reality, you're simply missing how you're being shit on like so many around the world. Paraphrasing what Johnstone states. Some of us may be living fairly well, some better than others for various reasons, but the underscoring end result is that we're all being shit on together along with our societies. I highly doubt there's one person reading this that wouldn't be among the first that our power structure would promptly be willing to shit on for their benefit. They're doing it essentially daily.

Together, within our western societies, our governments under the tutelage of the ruling class are committing the worse crimes on humanity and our environment around the globe for profits and self preservation. I assure you you're not in that club. You have absolutely no reason to be loyal to it. They avoid us at all cost. They make sure they retain that avoidance at all cost. Stepping on us to keep it is merely part of the agenda.

Due to a lack of a genuine simplistic means of self responsibility towards discovery of factualizing the information coming at us by a vast majority, they simply enhance their control over us. To those within the indoctrination, look no further than yourselves the next time you think you have a legitimate complaint. Whether it's directed at any stage of the power structure, it can be traced back to the mis/disinformation campaign forced on all of us in some regard. Even the truths they use become a traitor in retrospect. The puzzle has to be taken out of the box and precisely put together to discover they're playing chess while they have us playing checkers. Many moves ahead of us.

William_Mary 8 Jan 29
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