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Apparently MSCM doesn't know what the definition of genocide is. This morning NPR claiming the reports of a genocide in Ukraine are not true. By definition, what they are claiming what Russia is doing would be considered a genocide campaign. This is an attempt to distract people from seeking the information people like me with the resources I use from discovering what has been going on for 8 years by the Ukrainian government.

Then went on to beg for sympathy for the Ukraine army due to being reduced to small arms for their defense. This is another distraction on 2 fronts.

In regards to the genocide being waged on the Donbas regions for 8 years, it neglects to not only admit this atrocity, but also that when the Ukraine government began this atrocity their separatist militia had only small weapons to defend themselves against bombardments from both helicopters and jet fighter planes. Resorting in 14,000 deaths over that 8 year period and the leveling of several cities and villages, wiping out critical infrastructures, forced evacuations and immigration. That's is clearly genocide.

Next, to listen to the MSCM this is also a contradiction of the Ukraine's government achievements. It shows they are blatantly lying when they speak of being able to win the conflict. In admitting they are reduced to small arms warfare it begs to question this contradiction. It shows the potential that Russia has indeed managed to take out their primary military offensive ability along with their airforce. Recently asking for more jets from the west to open them up to becoming involved in the war within various aspects.

Latest request was for Poland to freely turn over Russian Migs that have been sitting around for decades. Poland asked for F35s in return though.

William_Mary 8 Mar 11
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