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Black Caucus Fails on Ukraine

The members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) follow Biden's Ukraine policy in lock step. In doing so they fail their constituents and discredit the legacy of Black politics.

On June 11, 2015, the late Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) member John Conyers made this statement about Ukraine. “House passed my amendment to prohibit assistance to Azov Battalion—a far-right white supremacist militia at front lines of Ukraine conflict.” Conyers was right of course. The Azov Battalion was and is a core part of Ukraine’s military. They have Nazi roots, as do many other organizations in that country. But after the Pentagon objected the amendment was stripped from the spending bill and never saw the light of day.


Notice the date there. It's a date that eludes the MSCM as a primary talking point today. But there were other powers that had an agenda to accomplish. Yes we, wait, no we can't. Change will not be tolerated by the ruling class.

{It is important to remember what Conyers tried to achieve the year after Barack Obama sided with right wing Ukrainians and brought down the elected president of that nation. The Conyers amendment passed unanimously in the House but was killed because the administration was well aware of the Azov Battalion’s role and approved of it. The policy of using Ukraine against Russia was settled and any effort to remove a central component of its military was off the table.}

{A CBC member, Gregory Meeks, is Chairman of the House Foreign Relations Committee, but he has his position because of seniority and going along to get along. When the House Democrats met at a retreat, Meeks told struggling people that rising gas prices caused by sanctions against Russia are a worthy sacrifice . "I'm asking the people of the United States to also make that kind of sacrifice because in the long run, democracy is at stake. Putin counted on us being divided. He counted on us not staying together.” The democrats don’t even go through the motions. There is not even a pretense that they are the party of working people. Black members are no different in this regard.}

When democracy becomes a traitor to its citizens, is when it's falsely used to exaggerate a condition. All that needs to be done is to ask your terrorist middle east nations to raise production. We've simply been engaged in another manufactured restructuring of austerity measures that will lead to a higher cost of living to normalize. This program has went on steroids since covid was released on us and used as a weapon. These are the issues our MSCM should have been addressing since 2019 as money soon after began being thrown at the ruling class rather then social concerns. The distracting tool however isn't working for us to challenge war mongering, it's working for them to distract us from each other where many end up supporting them also. Divided we will fall. Ask Ukraine how that works. They've been living it for a 100 years as a proxy between eastern and western powers within a country made up of each side.

William_Mary 8 Mar 19
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