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The clown cart of Ukraine has no wheels left to roll on.

Having come to rest above an active cenote which it falls into and drowns in a pit of false accusations along with its supporters. How many will save themselves managing to survive, or drown attempting to rescue it? Business Insider may be your life line. Only if you decipher the information correctly.

With those wheels having finally fallen off the clown cart, as it drowns, how many will now have the courage to accept more plausible reasoning within the history and information they turned their minds against from the beginning. We may have more reasons to thank Putin and the brave men and women of Russia who have put their lives on the line to defend the people of the Donbas regions. Especially those who gave their lives doing it.

They also may have very well prevented use of, for now, within the world of a westernized destiny of weapons of mass destruction involving biological warfare.

I personally don't depend on BI to be a constant reliable source as a MSM but the article provides another point of how MSCM are back tracking on their initial coverage of the Ukraine information warfare. Virtually all the top news sources are beginning to subtly report truths they avoided from the beginning. Which could have prevented the mass insanity of supporting a fabricated war of purpose and the fascism that came with it.

As in the past, this is a strategy of attempting to persuade the public they are a reliable source for information. Throughout Europe though people have been protesting the westernize governments attempts of prolonging this war with more weapons to Ukraine, and the climbing rates of inflation being added to them for that weapons support, along with sanctions which are being used to falsely manufacture inflation. The amount of funding this atrocity committed on all of Ukraine from all of our western governments could have been used within our societies which we all know are needed.

Reports yesterday exposed Ukraine as going into default on 54 billion dollars. As I have stated before, Ukraine has been under control of the world banking apparatus and western governments for several years. We're not only funding a manufactured war, but also a failed society within a corrupt government and oligarchy structure. A country with enormous resources that are purposely being restricted in achieving this country's participation in the world society as a productive member it once was. Instead our governments are more involved in furthering a creation of building enemies out of those who don't support their actions in Ukraine.

Ukrainian vigilantes may try to seek retribution for Russian war crimes, expert warns

Ukrainian vigilante groups may try to seek justice for Russian war crimes, an expert told Insider.
Such groups were formed from volunteer brigades during Ukraine's 2013-2014 Maidan revolution.
A Harvard anthropologist said similar groups may spring up in response to the Russian invasion.


The article pretty much plays the same role as any MSCM in regards of contradictory statements and unfounded accusations. While clearly following the western line of Russia demonization it finally gives us...

{However, a recent video verified by the New York Times appears to show Ukrainian soldiers executing Russian captives outside Kyiv last month.

A Ukrainian news agency claimed the ambush that led to the alleged slaughter was the work of the "Georgian Legion," a group of volunteers that formed in 2014 to fight for Ukraine after Russia invaded Crimea, The Times reported.}

The Bucha accusations weren't immediately provided by the mayor with his first attempt to glorify the Russian pull back from his city as a personal victory. They came 2 days later when they needed to manufacture a false narrative. It's highly more likely those people were killed for taking aid from the Russian troops by such agitators.

Bio-Weapons. Truth or Fiction?

Biological weapons are weapons of mass destruction involving biological agents — pathogens, dangerous viral infections — and the means of their delivery. For example, aerosols, sprays, rodents, or insects can be used to spread pathogens. These weapons of mass destruction are indiscriminate. If they are used, they’ll harm anyone in a given area. This makes them particularly dangerous.

Most people envision biological weapon attacks as a massive plague or smallpox epidemic or an Ebola virus outbreak. For centuries these diseases had tremendous destructive power. However, today biological weapons can be used surreptitiously without causing severe effects. Sometimes their deadly effect can be stretched over a period, making it very difficult to define whether it is a natural phenomenon or a directed attack.

Though these weapons were banned in 1925, their development is still very active, as dozens of secret labs are opening and people’s biological material is collected and stored. So how real is biological warfare?


William_Mary 8 Apr 8
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Your linked rt film at the end is not working in Australia.

Try this youtube link .....

@William_Mary thanks. I'm sure it'll give me nightmares!

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