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Former NATO Military Analyst Blows the Whistle on West’s Ukraine Invasion Narrative

It is therefore not a question of justifying the war, but of understanding what led us to it. I note that the “experts” who take turns on the television sets analyze the situation based on dubious information, most often hypotheses turned into facts, and therefore we no longer manage to understand what is happening. That’s how you create panic.

The problem is not so much who is right in this conflict, but how our leaders make their decisions.


Out of the gate I'll argue that Jacques Baud is quite generous within some comments he makes. Who does he view as being thee "experts"? Surely not the desk jockey reporters who often get a false label of investigative journalist, who rarely, if ever, go into the field of what they're reporting on. Taking a trip to a city outside of the city their routine studio is in to do a show in another studio or street show isn't investigative journalism. It's just a shit show in another arena.

The "experts" he's most likely referring to are, in this case of Ukraine, various types of X military and intelligence agents who are paid to come onto MSCM shows. Possibly with a few politicians thrown in with this deception. And you can be assured it is deception. They come with the agenda to sell war for the companies they most likely sit on boards of or lobby for. They don't deal in hypotheses, they deal with selling agendas. It's a win win for these experts, to get paid by both the MSCM and those companies.

And I'm fairly certain panic is a thing of the past. Most Americans have seemingly become numbed down to a point of acceptance. Panic left as the case of terrorist attacks in America has flew its use. Domestic terrorism has even seemingly been numbed down to acceptance as real as it is. I'd highly suggest you hold that thought though with grave concern considering the funding and support of fascism that we've taken under are wing within the Ukraine case though.

Dubious information? I hope by now some have come to the realization that MSCM serves us prepared information (approximately 80%) from various ruling class owned transnational public relation firms, NGO and think tank groups. The last 2 can also be highly managed by wealthy donors who set the tone for their agendas as the mega donors they are, or started by any variation of types of people usually related to politicians, corporations, intelligence agencies, etc who all are willing to follow the core agenda line while making themselves rich/er. They may have come from politics or have a desire to get into politics. It's a means to get to where the money is while selling chaos. The next best thing to strive for is being a lobbyist for a corporation these groups benefit. And currently the top beneficiaries today in this Ukraine case is the military industrial complex. They pay their lobbyist quite well.

If you've done your homework on Ukraine productively, or followed my post productively, you've found how much involvement all these groups have played a key role in creating chaos, death, and destruction. If you listened with clarity as these "experts" are on these MSCM shows you should have noticed their speak always leads away from the real issues and facts while advocating for more demonization and war. It's what sells the going perception management and agenda for profits.

It's likely you'll even see commercials from various military complex companies also. If not during the breaks, but also during the reporting. The best place for them to sell you on the glorification of their products. It sure as hell won't be in the photos or videos of missiles laying on the ground in Ukraine such as the recent train station attack currently being blamed on Russia. Of a missile Russia put out of commission 3 years ago along with a photo of one they use today clearing showing a different wing style. They won't show you this though. When, if, that knowledge is finally made public they count on you having lost any concern by then to coherently relate it to their deceptions. Agenda accomplished. I guess the good part of this is that our men and women aren't being murdered for their causes this time?

What I also haven't seen yet in this vast reporting of Ukraine glorification is a missile made by any western government that has killed civilians or Russian troops. You know it's there, but not there? I hear and see a lot of hype of this greatness but it only comes when Russia is being demonized. Both sides can show all the dead tanks and vehicles they want ofter the damage is done. Odd when it comes to bodies only Russia can produce this, with the demonized accusations that come with them. Ukraine is afforded a perfect war scenario though? Best god dam fucking warriors and military precision on the planet I guess.

{Let’s try to examine the roots of the conflict. It starts with those who for the past eight years have been talking to us about “separatists” or “independence” from the Donbass. It’s wrong. The referendums conducted by the two self-proclaimed republics of Donetsk and Luhansk in May 2014 were not ” independence ” (независимость) referendums , as some unscrupulous journalists claimed , but ” self-determination ” or ” autonomy (самостоятельность). The term “pro-Russian” suggests that Russia was a party to the conflict, which was not the case, and the term “Russian speakers” would have been more honest. Moreover, these referendums were conducted against the advice of Vladimir Putin.

In fact, these republics did not seek to separate from Ukraine, but to have a statute of autonomy guaranteeing them the use of the Russian language as an official language. Because the first legislative act of the new government resulting from the overthrow of President Yanukovych, was the abolition, on February 23, 2014, of the Kivalov-Kolesnichenko law of 2012 which made Russian an official language. A bit as if putschists decided that French and Italian would no longer be official languages ​​in Switzerland.

This decision causes a storm in the Russian-speaking population. This resulted in fierce repression against the Russian-speaking regions (Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, Lugansk and Donetsk) which began in February 2014 and led to a militarization of the situation and a few massacres (in Odessa and Mariupol, for the most important). At the end of summer 2014, only the self-proclaimed republics of Donetsk and Lugansk remained.}

{In 2014, I am at NATO, responsible for the fight against the proliferation of small arms, and we are trying to detect Russian arms deliveries to the rebels in order to see if Moscow is involved. The information that we receive then comes practically all from the Polish intelligence services and does not “match” with the information from the OSCE: in spite of rather crude allegations, we do not observe any delivery of arms and materials Russian military.

The rebels are armed thanks to the defections of Russian-speaking Ukrainian units which cross over to the rebel side. As the Ukrainian failures progressed, the entire tank, artillery or anti-aircraft battalions swelled the ranks of the autonomists. This is what drives the Ukrainians to commit to the Minsk Accords.}

As was reported by Robert Parry of Consortium News in 2014, Russia never sent any weapons into Ukraine. Very few people here even bothered to view those post to be self educated on these facts though. To avoid being conned into the Russian hysteria of demonization and supporting fascist today. To avoid electing a president who has crimes and unethical practices against our Constitution to hide from those years for the many involved along with himself. The entire scope of western governments are involved in these crimes. NATO and the US being used as the primary instrument to conduct them.

Ukraine never committed fully to the Minsk Accords. They were afforded funding and weaponization by the western governments and expanded a more lethal killing field. Every time the Donbas regions have managed to hold their homeland from the Ukrainian army's assault they have been revamped with weapons off our backs. These crimes have our names all over them! The citizens of Ukraine are billions in debt today that the government can't pay back. Already facing servitude from years before they now face deeper austerity measures in the future. This is a major crime on humanity there, their citizenship.

As with every intervention in this western European region, those that have ended up illegally, and forcefully, into NATO, have faced large scale population evacuations due to manufactured wars which have left these countries with less in means of those who return and austerity measures for those who remain. These countries then become pillaged by the west and corrupt to the core. Particularly the younger generations lose any hope and don't return.

Well, I got ahead of the article again. He explains Minsk 2.

{This is why since 2014, Russia has systematically demanded their application while refusing to be a party to the negotiations, because it was an internal matter for Ukraine. On the other side, the Westerners – led by France – systematically tried to replace the Minsk Accords with the “Normandy format”, which brought Russians and Ukrainians face to face. However, let us remember, there were never any Russian troops in the Donbass before February 23-24, 2022. Moreover, OSCE observers have never observed the slightest trace of Russian units operating in the Donbass. Thus, the US intelligence map published by the Washington Post on December 3, 2021 does not show Russian troops in Donbass.}

A note on the OSCE. Reports have been spotty on their coverage. Seemingly they rarely involve themselves in areas the Ukraine army operates. Only coming into civilian areas after the Ukraine army leaves or is pushed out of and rarely interview the citizens to get reports of their crimes. And there are many of them being reported to independent and the RT corespondent. You won't get the actually citizens views from MSCM without being carefully screened. Or from those from the 8 year long documentary.

{In October 2018, after four years of war, Ukraine’s chief military prosecutor Anatoly Matios said that Ukraine had lost 2,700 men in the Donbass: 891 from disease, 318 from traffic accidents, 177 from other accidents, 175 from poisoning (alcohol, drugs), 172 from careless handling of weapons, 101 from breaches of safety rules, 228 from murder and 615 from suicide.

In fact, the army is undermined by the corruption of its cadres and no longer enjoys the support of the population. According to a UK Home Office report , when reservists were called up in March-April 2014, 70% did not show up for the first session, 80% for the second, 90% for the third and 95% for the fourth. In October/November 2017, 70% of callers did not show up during the “ Autumn 2017 ” callback campaign. This does not include suicides and desertions(often for the benefit of the autonomists) which reach up to 30% of the workforce in the ATO zone. Young Ukrainians refuse to go and fight in the Donbass and prefer emigration, which also explains, at least partially, the country’s demographic deficit.

891 from disease is a rather concerning image considering the knowledge of bio labs in that region, where unusually deadly flu deaths have occurred. Or this army has a lot of elderly in it dying from covid. How can anyone trust what our MSCM tells us with this added knowledge of the conditions of the Ukrainian army, and the views of the citizenship. I have placed conjecture of the views from reading comments in articles that indicated most of the population wasn't on board with the false narratives being spewed, but this provides a very negative outlook that I didn't expect to be so high. How have so many remained in a country with such high glorification of fascist ideology from WWll onwards to today felt comfortable enough to live there, and not got out after 2014 knowing what was going on. I imagine it has a lot to do with poverty. If I had the means to I'd get the fuck out of the US. Every day I envision a nice quiet village approximately 75 miles outside a China city where the abstracts of geopolitical strategics are absent where I can wake up everyday and say fuck you to all this shit.

{Thus, to compensate for the lack of soldiers, the Ukrainian government resorted to paramilitary militias. They are essentially made up of foreign mercenaries, often far-right activists. As of 2020, they constitute around 40% of Ukraine’s forces and number around 102,000 men according to Reuters . They are armed, financed and trained by the United States, Great Britain, Canada and France. There are more than 19 nationalities – including Swiss.}

But they'll whine about 56 voluntary Russian fighters? 🤣 He goes into down playing the terminology of Nazi fascism being used and an attempt of Putin reversing history to finish part 1. I'll argue if it quacks like a duck it's a god dam duck. You can apply any semantics to it you want to but if it correlates with the ideology it's a form of it that will eventually lead to the rest. Just ask Latin American and African people how that works.

{Placing Putin on the same boat as Stalin's period doesn't float with me either. There will never be any possible excuse for what Stalin did in that era of course, but there's no correlation to today's events other than ethnic sympathies and the importances the Donbas regions hold on the world stage now going to waste. I see it as misuse of the regions history towards further demonization of a legitimate concern that simply contradicts some of his previous points.

On February 17, President Joe Biden announces that Russia will attack Ukraine in the coming days. How does he know? Mystery… But since the 16th, the artillery shelling of the populations of Donbass has increased dramatically, as shown by the daily reports of OSCE observers. Naturally, neither the media, nor the European Union, nor NATO, nor any Western government reacts and intervenes. We will say later that this is Russian disinformation. In fact, it seems that the European Union and some countries purposely glossed over the massacre of the people of Donbass, knowing that it would provoke Russian intervention.}

As stated before. When the weapons become depleted, just send more to expand the warring again. As are the plans today. According to the above they just need more recruits for cannon fodder to send over. With so many Americans willing to support Ukraine your family members are ripe for the picking now. Some of you might be possibly interested.

{At the same time, there are reports of acts of sabotage in the Donbass. On January 18, Donbass fighters intercept saboteurs equipped with Western equipment and speaking Polish seeking to create chemical incidents in Gorlivka . They could be CIA mercenaries , led or “advised” by Americans and made up of Ukrainian or European fighters, to carry out sabotage actions in the Donbass Republics.}

Breaking out the Syria tactics now.

{In fact, as early as February 16, Joe Biden knows that the Ukrainians began to shell the civilian populations of Donbass, putting Vladimir Putin in front of a difficult choice: to help Donbass militarily and create an international problem or to sit idle and watch Russian speakers. from the Donbass being run over.

If he decides to intervene, Vladimir Putin can invoke the international obligation of “ Responsibility To Protect ” (R2P). But he knows that whatever its nature or scale, the intervention will trigger a shower of sanctions. Therefore, whether its intervention is limited to the Donbass or whether it goes further to put pressure on the West for the status of Ukraine, the price to be paid will be the same. This is what he explains in his speech on February 21.

That day, he acceded to the request of the Duma and recognized the independence of the two Republics of Donbass and, in the process, he signed treaties of friendship and assistance with them.}

Our MSCM has been adamant in regards to making it seem as though Russia isn't doing so well in their objectives. But he goes into details highly contradicting their false narratives with the precision and descriptions of how well, actually brilliant, the strategy has been.

{The “slowdown” that our “experts” attribute to poor logistics is only the consequence of having achieved the objectives set. Russia does not seem to want to engage in an occupation of the whole Ukrainian territory. In fact, it seems rather that Russia is trying to limit its advance to the country’s linguistic border.

Our media speak of indiscriminate bombardments against civilian populations, particularly in Kharkov, and dantesque images are broadcast on a loop. However, Gonzalo Lira, a Latin American who lives there, presents us with a calm city on March 10 , and on March 11.}

In other words. Our MSCM have a perception management campaign to adhere to. I'll argue that also involves false stories of civilian attacks as the wheels of Kharkov and Bucha incidents have fallen off of.

This goes on to a 3rd part which I'm worried about space on this post. I hope you'll finish the rest of part 2 and 3 with me. As I quickly skimmed through some of it I see it's essentially more suggestive material as above that highly contradicts any and most information our MSCM give us. Breaking the Iraq syndrome.

RT was reporting on the attempted rescuing of these people yesterday. Unsure then of who they were so desperately trying to get out. Now we know.

William_Mary 8 Apr 10
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An interesting, if not wide-ranging summary. Please excuse my ignorance, but a Google search of MSCM was unhelpful--what exactly does this acronym stand for?

When it comes to the Russian invasion of Ukraine--aided by Belarus--I've come to rely on what the immediate neighbors of Russia have to say over the American press. And in that regard, it appears that, with the exception of the aforementioned Belarus (which, as you know, is led by the regressive, Soviet-style dictator, Lukashenko, who has been in power since 1994), none of Russia's neighbors voted in support of Moscow's assault on Ukraine in last month's UN General Assembly resolution on the issue.

Forget about the pundits and prognosticators seen on Western media. Let's focus our attention (for once) on the people living in the former Soviet Republics of Georgia, Moldova, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania and Russia's neighbors Poland, Sweden and even Finland. Once a KGB officer, always a KGB officer, and we simply have to face the fact that Putin's brazen action, not to mention the conduct of the Russian army itself, has these countries rethinking their security arrangements.

You have to ask yourself this simple question: When your neighbors don't run to your defense in a time of crisis, what kind of neighbor are you, really?

Main Stream Corporate Media. Specifically referring to the 6 major MSMs {Main Stream Medias} that the ruling class own. These medias through research have been highly suggestive of controlling approximately 90% of the information which westernized societies are fed on a repetitive cycle. Through that research it has also found that approximately 80% of that information is manufactured by various public relation firms, NGOs, and think tanks, also owned by the ruling class. These various groups develop a perception management campaign of information to control what the public sees and hears in attempts to form our ideology. Some refer to them as ideologist. They create talking points that are handed down to these MSCMs in which they in turn spew into public on a repetitive cycle to form public opinions.

Currently today for example they are staunchly attempting to sell the public on supporting their illegal Ukrainian war. It has been a non-stop cycle of false information to demonize Russia, erase an illegal overthrow of a democratically elected government there in 2014 under the Obama administration, a genocide campaign that was waged by the Ukraine government on Russian speaking people in the east in the Donbas regions, supporting and funding a fascist ideology government with fascist elements in their army who still today glorify WWll Nazi figures. This is a repeated cycle we were fed leading into the Iraq war.

While their most effective tools are MSCM we also face other MSMs that follow this line of criminal social practices that this type of false information filters down to. Various magazines and internet sites are highly questionable and should be approached with caution while observing. The list is enormous and can variate from writer to writer on some sites that provide multiple writers and articles. It's imperative to know the writer your observing on a trust level and use of other sources you developed a good faith level with. I'll argue there are few that we can trust to a level we can't be pulled into a deceptive agenda.

Below is a discussion Abby Martin has with Peter Phillips, a professor of political sociology that explains the above. I took the liberty of choosing a starting point for the above on MSCM. I highly suggest reviewing the entire discussion though for a full understanding of how and why our information platform is designed for us.

{You have to ask yourself this simple question: When your neighbors don't run to your defense in a time of crisis, what kind of neighbor are you, really?}

Ask this question in return then? What kind of neighbor are they to Russia? And why? They are the same kind that are being controlled by western powers we see all over the world today. The same kind that became vassals to the world order of the ruling class. The same kind that are now reliant on world banks and funding from other countries to survive after handing over their resources, leaving their citizens living under punishing austerity measures. Some of those countries went through punishing wars that resulted in forced immigration losing many younger citizens that didn't go back. An often reoccurring event in countries. Or threats of if they didn't comply.

{led by the regressive, Soviet-style dictator, Lukashenko, who has been in power since 1994)}

Within that standard, then why is the US willing to work with him, but not Russia? And, what are the true intensions for Belarus from outside powers? One year it goes one way, the next the other. I would suggest Lukashenko is currently walking on a tight rope between power survival on one end and a overthrow on the other end. Barely accomplishing to remain alive either way. Support for Ukraine may simply be a matter of his survival to reflect western powers from further pressure. I'm not up to date on Belarus support for or against Russia, or understand which way you're actually going with that statement. Belarus supported Russia or Ukraine?

Yea, I always see references to Putin's years as a KGB agent. Spy's are spy's. Intelligence agents are intelligence agents. Intelligence agencies are intelligence agencies. I'm confused! While I understand intelligence agencies and their agents can do horrific deeds, how am I to differentiate between one countries to another countries that Putin and the Russian agency are the only bad one's? What I don't ever see is any actions he took that are evidence to give me any other negative thought than he was a intelligence agent for some form of Russian intelligence. If that is the going means to being labeled as a demon, then all intelligence means are demonic. Feel free to clarify that for me. Seriously, Bill Clinton and Yeltsin prepped Putin to be in the position he's in today. Also feel free to blame them for what they created if you see such need to demonize someone. All I really see in Putin is a president attempting to defend himself and his country from a world determined to destroy him and his country. The USSR doesn't exist anymore and Russia, to me, seemingly is still a place under constant attack for unwarranted reasonings.




@William_Mary Okay, let us admit, for the sake of argument, that all you are saying or quoting is true. That the former Soviet republics of Georgia, Moldova, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania are not really wary of Moscow, but are just bad neighbors that have become 'vassals of the world order of the ruling class' (whatever that means) having been seduced by Western capitalism, which presumably is what is also practiced in Finland, Sweden and Poland. That the people of all of these nations would prefer to love their neighbor Russia if it weren't for news coverage that is unfair, if not untrue, by their own form of mainstream media, and that all these people in all of these countries are being manipulated by said media.

Let us also admit, for the sake of argument, that the Ukrainian pivot to the West was entirely the result of Western manipulation and forced subjugation by the banking industry, and that a Westward orientation, including a desire to join the EU and even NATO, represented an existential threat to Russia. And let us also ignore the fact that previous Russian administrations, from Yeltsin to Putin, have entertained the idea of joining NATO and, in lieu of membership, have participated in the Partnership for Peace.

Finally, let us admit that Vladimir Putin is merely 'attempting to defend himself and his country' by invading his neighbor, and that this former KGB officer's efforts to silence dissent in Russia--from the arrests of journalists and street protestors to the use of toxins in an attempt to assassinate his political rivals, even when they are in a foreign land--are not only understandable, but fully justified. Let us further admit that the methods used in waging his war against Ukraine are fully defensible, and that the destruction of civilian targets including apartment buildings, theaters and even hospitals, as well as the targeting and killing of noncombatants, conforms with the laws of war and universal declaration of human rights.

Where does this leave us?

Ask yourself this simple question: Is a system of governance that is patterned after 1920's Chicago truly in the best interest of the people? Is it logical to assail the concentration of wealth in the hands of a few citizens in Western states, while ignoring the same structure in Russia? Is defending oligarchy in the invasion of Ukraine the best that we can do?

And when, pray tell, is a nation that holds more nuclear weapons than any other country on the planet--enough nukes to destroy the Earth several times--really ever threatened?

@p-nullifidian your indoctrination to western media is astounding. It's what holds you back from true discovery. You should be paying close attention to the current Pakistan, China, and India issues where the US is attempting to forcefully sway these countries from relations with Russia which are essentially threatening tactics. A measure which has been used worldwide over a vast history your indoctrination seemingly leads you to erase. These aspects of history and todays events would provide the answer to your first ridiculous paragraph for any critical thinker outside the construct of their box.

You bring up actions in the next paragraph that have been practiced by every western government within history going back before our lives that you seemingly want others to erase from memory to support your views. Then mention crimes of recent accusations that have never been factually proven, which have also been practiced by western governments. This is just a pathetically ludicrous measure of selective direction within the very same selective accusations within the Ukraine war, which the west erases its own history. Which keep ludicrously growing or expanding virtually each day as a distraction.

Was it your intention to basically make my case for me using 20's Chicago as an example? 🙂 Thank you. In case you slept through the 80's and 90's, Russia today virtually became a resembled construct of the US within its own intervention there. Which with the help of Clinton funding and supporting a miserably rated polling Yeltsin re-election that was highly questionable on the election front and US Constitutional front. Those actions also leading to hundreds of deaths when people in Russia protested against that intervention when Yeltsin ordered troops to gun them down. Which highly correlated to how the west decides which of their own and or international laws are determined to be followed, by who, and how western interventions effect other countries within a horrific manor. Obviously you also missed how Yeltsin and Clinton personally prepped Putin for the position he holds today. Maybe you, along with western powers, are merely disappointed that Putin, like China, didn't follow through with the intended course those powers had in mind for them, falling into the program of becoming vassal states.

You're seriously going to use the number of nukes Russia has as an argument when there is virtually multiple times of than needed to kill all life on this planet as we know it that are spread around on it?

It occurred to me yesterday that you and I have been around this block before as I was finishing up my reply to you, as a sense of deja vu hit me. Essentially a waste of my time being spent on someone who seemingly loves the company within that box, you'll argue for support of its false reality at all cost to others. The only other reasoning for you here would to purposely be an instigator towards deflecting others away who are here with a genuine desire to communicate with common opinions and views, or in the stages of their awakening seeking knowledge and or understanding of which they're experiencing. Your box doesn't appear to provide an opening to get out of it. Obviously you're happy in it and don't have a desire to escape it. Only when the earth around it begins to collapse its sides might you use the tools within to get out. Hopefully before it consumes you and those you love, with the rest of us you're willing to take down with you.

And then they came after me.

@William_Mary It would help the discourse if there were no assumptions or ad hominems bandied about, wouldn't you agree? I have little interest in trading insults, and would much prefer a dialogue. A wise and learned professor once told our philosophy class that, in any debate or exchange of ideas, the first person to resort to ad hominem attacks effectively concedes the weakness of their position.

@p-nullifidian my developed conjecture is formed from your views and lack of addressing mine with intellectual acknowledgement, or substantial information, by dismissing them and providing more of the same failed policies as an argument. Compared to each of yours that I addressed using history and facts as a foundation. You've provided us with nothing resembling a stable foundation to stand on, only furthering false accusations and rhetoric you're seemingly indoctrinated to.

The Internet provides all the means to support virtually everything I have stated for challenging a critical thought process for those who wish to observe other sides of these issues.

You're going to argue my addresses and assumptions are a method of attacks while ignoring that your comments are virtually such within a hidden vail. Refusal to address the issues as they arrive by raising more issues with more prepared rhetoric quite frankly is a form of attack. You've shown no sign to take my participation in this discussion serious, by weighing in my comments, while forcing yours on me, which I've heard time and time again on repetitive cycles. It's what I do here. I'm well aware of most going western talking points. You've managed to take the initial topic of discussion above out of context after I took time to address your initial reply accordingly. I haven't been given the same respect in the mean time. All you provide us with is deflections that prevent an attempt towards a collective understanding.

What's worse is that I have no indication you even read the article, or viewed the video, considering you haven't addressed any part of them. Respect you're looking for would have been you forming a comment based off one or both of these initial points. And or comparing and addressing my personal comments to it. Which with the observation of these 2 or 3 aspects I would see a hint of a respectfully thought out opinion compared to only {An interesting, if not wide-ranging summary.} seemingly indicating all you might have read was my inject of opinions, which you go on to inject commonly known western rhetoric. No reactions to the initial article or any I provided for consideration since. You're seemingly using the same tactics on me the west uses. Attempting to control the narrative, change the context when needed, feed more chaos to the information, to fit the agenda. So, who is genuinely under attack here? When the accusations and rhetoric are confronted with views outside of the box the next stage is manufacture a reason for the attack. I feel you've accomplished all these goals now.

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