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Lies and liars On Cross Talk with Host Peter Lavelle

‘We’ll Know Our Disinformation Program Is Complete When Everything the American Public Believes Is False’ ----- CIA Director William Casey

For many years the above quote has widely been argued of whether it actually had been said. []
I've posted it numerous times here in the group as it's from my Consortium News source from Robert Parry's work. Who had widely covered the Reagan era, especially the Iran Contra Affair, a primary investigative journalist in Latin America during those wars exposing the horrific natures of them. [] Parry mentions Mae Brussell who attended the meeting which she claims this quote was made. Personally, I find it to be to profound of an accusation, although not impossible, for someone to just dream up especially during the particular era when this light of politics hadn't quite made it to public awareness like it is today. Obviously, in my opinion, Parry's exposure of Reagan's perception management campaign can no longer be denied within critical thinkers when correlated to the history of information warfare since.

Which is the narrative in the Cross Talk program coming up below in regards to the Ukraine war.

"We Lie, We Cheat, We Steal" ---- CIA Director Mike Pompeo

Closely correlated to the above, there's no denying this one. He's on video admitting it. It's an easy search. Quite frankly, the laughter and clapping from the audience is profoundly sickening. Essentially admitting to reasoning to all the death and destruction caused by our government due to this horrific nature around the world, what it creates here at home, put on our backs non the less, to be glorified by an audience is a sign of a sick society to the rest of the world. It makes since though. And gives some credence to the above.

Not long before this Bush basically got away with it on stage also. Liking a fool walking around looking for WMDs, under chairs of people sitting behind him, mocking the deaths of what became nearly 4900 US men and women in the Iraq war, he received the same fucking sickening responses. That video however is hard to find unless you find someone that has it saved. I haven't been able to find it for quite some time. The only versions available are of poor quality videos where he took it on a road trip speaking at a convention. I guess it didn't concern his advisers enough to suggest it was way over the line considering the amount of deaths, illnesses, and destruction that came with that falsely manufactured war. The program completed it is now obviously accepted by a vast majority of the US citizenship. As Ukraine provides another rubber stamp to it. Who's country will become the next recipient of the imperialistic stamp? The top going 4 seem to be China, Russia, India, and Pakistan. The latter is seemingly in their sights with their current turmoil.

Lies and liars. NBC reports that US intelligence agencies have been deliberately laundering phony stories about the war in Ukraine through the media. Those of us who have watched the conflict carefully suspected this all along. When you are losing an argument or a war, the first line of defense is to lie. CrossTalking with Joti Brar and George Szamuely.

My own note: Our MSCM seemingly have no shyness towards showing photos and videos of Ukrainian troops with Nazi and fascist insignia on their uniforms. Multiple occurrences of this happening have been reported. Facebook is littered with groups selling various products to "benefit" Ukrainians that also have such insignias or related fascist speak on them. Ask more questions I often state here. Are they actually supporting Ukrainians with these incoming funds? Which Ukrainians? Selectively towards only those who the government proclaims to be a savior of? Are those in the Donbas regions getting any of this Support? Bucha might hold some of the answers to that. Apparently accepting Russian aid and or being seen to compromise with Russian troops will get you killed.


So why take anything serious the media tell us as. The lie is the truth?

Not much coverage of the conflict in Ukraine. That helps with getting away with the lies. Coverage is the RT way exposing the lies in regards to Ukraine. It's not that hard at all to find information to uncover all their lies in regards to any aspect of politics. It's your choice to remain in their box of deception, or seek the truth outside of that box. The Internet holds within it the reality waiting to expose the lies.

Using footage of another incident outside of Ukraine to manufacture a lie. Or using a lie when footage in Ukraine exposes the lie.

Insanely erasing 30 years of history to control the context of their lies.

What's being suppressed? Bio labs, 8 years of NATO training on Russian border, outlaw dissenting voices.

Spooks every night = perception management complete. Empire building is now acceptable.

They aren't winning the war, sanctions aren't working, totally reliant on winning the information war, Europe is losing.

Despite Russia's horrific actions, the Internet still works, electricity still works in many places, gas is still rushing to Europe. According to some reports, the US is attempting to import as much oil from Russia as it can before the sanctions go into place? Note: we have our own. Note: but we send it abroad. To keep us paying more?

Russia failed? In terms of war conducted by western governments, thankfully, yes!

Alleged shock and awe atrocities? Use the god dam Internet! Rules based order? Rebound? On that note I've made statements in the past on numerous occasions in regards to war crimes being committed against civilians and separatist troops in the Donbas regions. How these perpetrators will be seeking a means to escape these crimes. Where they might end up going. Russia will indeed expose the real origins of war crimes it time. Through the 8 years of the genocide campaign the people in the east have endured, and what Russia is doing today, there has been a trove of evidence that has been collected by the military elements that moved into the Donbas region supporting the people there, and now Russian troops. Some of this evidence from especially the 8 years preceding today have been suppressed from the public in order to quell any dissent against todays crimes. If you had paid any attention to the number of videos I've posted from the RT documentaries you would have found these X Ukrainian military commanders now in Donbas have collected phones with discriminating photos and videos that Russia will use at any attempt to hold them accountable in court against false accusations towards them, and reasoning for finally coming to the rescue of these people. The data on the phones of these Nazi and other fascist groups will play a part in the primary evidence to show the entire world what the reality actually is.

Reoccurring events in regards to massacres and suppression of information! How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of the lollipop?

We're paying for blow back that's going to exacerbate in time for a country no one gave a rats ass about 8 years ago when it mattered most. As many today have been conned into supporting the fascist nature of our western governments for one of their obvious historic fascist natured country's. Ass backwards sacrifices. Only the privilege can afford to be so disconcerted during 2 years of social crimes on us.

We're at war with Russia on Ukraine territory? oye Reliant on them to win it for us? Yea, good luck with that.

William_Mary 8 Apr 12
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