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Fast Forward to Fascism Ukrainian nationalism in the making

The nationalist movement in Ukraine didn’t just happen; it took years to build. It's been growing for years, nurtured by western curators and supported by western funds. By the beginning of the Maidan, an entire network of neo-nazi units had already been up and running in Ukraine, but the Ukrainian government didn’t prosecute them. Ready and able military and terrorist units dispersed and showed up at anti-Maidan meetings in Ukraine’s cities. The years 2019 and 2020 saw meetings and protests in Kiev demanding the denial of special status for the DNR and LNR breakaway regions.

One of its main goals was to form an ideology that would dehumanise Russians and break all ties that existed for decades before. Initially, Russians weren't seen as a minority in Ukraine, but the anti-Russian sentiment gradually became overwhelming. Nationalists have been taught how to lead a war on social media, eventually launching a guided communication battle against the Russian people.

Stepan Bandera was the head of the Ukrainian nationalist organisation in 1929. In 1934, the Gestapo accepted the Berlin chapter of the organisation — he organised terrorist acts, killing officials. In 1941, the Ukrainian nationalist organisation was responsible for the biggest Jewish pogrom in Lvov, killing about 7,000 people. Yet, in 2010, Stepan Bandera was pronounced a national hero, with torch-lit marches in his honour ever since.


Allow me to reiterate this as it correlates with the Nuremberg trials brought up at the 11 minute mark. Although a few minutes before this you'll also see some incidents that are highly related to Germany before the trial also. Documented footage was exposed for the first time after WWll. Here you'll see a correlation from then to some occasions that took place in Ukraine that also resembles Germany. These torch marches have been going on in Ukraine since Maidan around 2013/14. Some citizens of the Donbass regions have reported seeing troops in their areas having torch rallies at night during calm periods also. It's nothing short of being a cult ideology with mental entrapment. These torch marches take place each year glorifying this fascist criminal Stepan Bandera in Ukraine. In all sense of reality, Ukraine has slowly been, since approximately 2009, essentially turned into a safe haven for fascist ideology resembling safe havens that have been created for middle east terrorist by western governments. In 2014 this ideology began widely spreading into their government structure with the help of the Obama administration, as the EU and NATO stood by and accepted it. Let this serve as a fair warning my fellow WORLD citizens!

In regards to the trial footage though, we'll see an exposure of unseen footage in the future again. If you follow the right types of sources anyways. It's not likely to be fully exposed by MSCM or even MSMs. As I warned before, there is a vast amount of evidence that has been collected over the past 8 years of the atrocities that have taken place. X Ukrainian military who took vital documents before leaving to defend the Donbass regions. There are currently mass graves being uncovered in areas the Ukraine army and Azov battalion left. Some recoveries began around 2014/15 which were reported to the UN but have been suppressed from the public. Phone data captured from troops who foolishly recorded their actions or actions of others. Currently in Mariupol I imagine we'll see more of what is already coming from the citizens there in regards to the steel plants. Eventually the Azov battalion will have to come out along with the NATO officials, special forces, and intelligence in hiding with them. Who will all be exposed for holding citizens there as human shields for so long. Each death and those injured will be on their hands.
Which reports and footage showed yesterday the city is now slowly returning to a sense of normality within cleanup and commercial means, a school holding classes for 700 kids has been accomplished.

Let this serve as a fair warning my fellow WORLD citizens! We're witnessing the very same method Hitler was funded by western governments despite international laws denying them to rebuild a military going into WWll. These people are making their ways into our countries today! Countries with governments willing to support their ideology. Actually use it within their own agendas against other countries. The 1900s are being recycled to support a failing capitalist structure and their failing monetary systems that currently only wars can sustain on a short term bases. We will become their next victims as we are slowly progressed upon. We are actually already being victimized within a progressive, oppressed, nature. Austerity and information warfare are the tools we need to recognize that are being used against us in compliance of our own demise. We've already been relatively divided as we see in far eastern Europe. This manufactured Russiaphobia cancel culture is ludicrous in a vast region of people who vastly share the same or similar DNA and cultural history going back centuries. They are as intertwined as us especially in the US. This can only happen due to some profoundly sick agenda of those holding the power to manipulate reality.

Recently I posted one of Oliver Stones documentaries on Ukraine call "Ukraine on Fire". It exposed the development of this current Ukraine issue starting back in 2014 by the US, our politicians and various types of think tank groups. Today we should all being recognizing that the world is on fire. At any given moment for any combination of bad moves being made, we all can find ourselves as a Ukraine or Russia. You better put some serious critical thought on this to decide which side has our best interest in mind. I guaranfuckentee you, you don't want to find yourself in Ukraine unless you cold heartedly support fascism. To a degree western societies are already there. Where there you can find yourself as a target in a heartbeat for any manufactured reason when you've outlived you servitude, or seemingly don't fit their whiteness.

William_Mary 8 Apr 29
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