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“The Squad” Doesn’t Exist Outside Of Social Media

The US House of Representatives has voted 368-57 to spend $40 billion on a world-threatening proxy war while ordinary Americans struggle to feed themselves and their children. All 57 “no” votes were Republicans. Every member of the small faction of progressive House Democrats popularly known as “The Squad” voted yes.

The massive proxy war bill then went to the Senate, where it was stalled with scrutiny not from progressive superstar Bernie Sanders, but from Republican Rand Paul.

This is because the left-wing Democrat is a myth, like the good billionaire or the happy open marriage. It’s not a real thing; it’s just a pleasant fairy tale people tell themselves so they don’t have to go through the psychological turmoil of acknowledging that their entire worldview is built on lies.

“The Squad doesn’t exist. They have never used their power as a bloc to push for votes on progressive legislation or to block regressive legislation. They are not protesting on the Capitol steps or outside the White House. They are a media creation and a brand who won’t disrupt status quo.”


Speaking of Rand Paul, as I have in this regard a number of times, here lays another placement of another foundation block of my past statements. This type of maneuver has been purposely ordained to a fraction of people in each establishment party to serve as a false sense of security in regards to a check and balance within these parties. The Paul's have had a lock on it from the republican side for decades. Masked as Libertarians. Sanders also for decades, alone mostly, until AOC was manchurioned in and given a chorus, the squad, to back her. Masked as democratic socialist. In regards to both fractions they're purely manufactured illusions that betray each of their supporting base and causes.

Virtually, these votes eventually always find a way to pass, they are meant to after all, the capitalist system demands it. What this type of maneuver indicates is that the cat {illusion} has been let out of the bag and a current recognition of a significant amount of dissent is about to begin. More people are waking up to the truths of this Ukraine war. They are seeing it on social media post. Are more people within the US beginning to witness or hear of the protesting in European countries against their own governments involvement in this war, on all aspects, and relating it to their struggles, on all aspects, from independent sources, and probably RT. Are more people beginning to recognize the Nazi symbols on MSCM coverage? Did the recent dissenting voices of suppressing the WWll celebrations hit a nerve for the many families in the US as it did throughout Europe? Why after 8 years is there now a show of dissent within our government happening?

Which I, with as much respect as I can give, will state, if you haven't yet taken the time to apply the free app to a TV or device to watch RT's news segments, or visit their web page to watch the many series of documentaries based on that now 8 year long war, you have deprived yourself of any sense of reality. You should just remain silent when the subject comes up. Unless you want to seem a fool, which will happen when history is done with it in the long run. The western MSCM and many MSM's have essentially twisted all reality into deceptions to falsely glorify the Ukraine government using every trick possible. So far the US has managed to avoid the public backlash and dissenting voices going on in many parts of Europe since this new stage began late February. Hell, most in the US still haven't come to grips to correlate the past 8 years to today which is a strong indication to how pathetic we are in regards to indoctrination.

{They don’t actually use their supposed “sisterhood” to push progressive agendas as a bloc like third parties and left-wing factions often do in other countries with parliamentary systems, they just generate viral tweets and cute Instagram photos while marching right along with the machinery of a globe-spanning empire.}

Their purpose is to create a false sense that someone cares, while realistically they don't. It also helps to direct the divisional divide as dissenting citizens are about to mount. If Paul truly cared, then why has he waited to now to attempt a vision of dissent towards this war? It has been going on for 8 years while being funded by tax dollars and deceptive illegal interference. Before February, for over a 8 year long period, some 14,000 people in the Donbass regions have been killed within a genocidal campaign which this self proclaimed war opposing character never said a god dam word about it, or the involvement our government played in it, let alone the Obama administration, when it would be the most opportunistic time for him to do so. Some billions of dollars later, why now?

Let this sink in people. Why now? 40 billions dollars. They're talking about a span of 5 to 6 months!?! A clear indication they don't want the war to end. And they're ready to hand out what is an equivalent of 100 million a day towards supporting it. While their capitalist war has the entire globe rocking towards further devastating economy crisis, they prefer to fund and support an agenda of Nazi proportions that has taken over the Ukraine government and military and forcing it on their western society. If you have watched any of the Donbass documentaries, the people in these regions want no part of it. We should be supporting them, should have been supporting them for 8 years! If anyone wonders why or how I can claim that the colonialism that has been going on for centuries is in reality the mother of fascism, all you need to do is learn the truth about this Ukraine issue. The starting implication of each and the end results are a mirrored reflection. They each start within deceptions and end within a delusional reality that only indoctrination can hold it together.

{When you’ve got braindead Republicans like Marjorie Taylor Greene scoring easy Twitter dunks on Squad members for pouring money into a horrific proxy war while Americans worry about paying their bills and obtaining formula for their babies, it’s safe to say that you’ve failed at your PR campaign, and that 😟you have ceded what would normally be progressive ground to the far right 😟

{The US doesn’t have political parties, it has perception management operations disguised as political parties. An elephant and a donkey fight in a puppet show and the crowd cheers for one or the other while thieves pick their pockets. And when people start to notice their wallets are missing, they’re told they can stop the pickpocketing by cheering louder for their favorite puppet.}

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William_Mary 8 May 14
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Wait, so all the people telling us that "The Squad" is fighting for all of us and are our only shot at changing things in our political system have been wrong all this time?

"I am shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here."

Eventually they always manage to expose their true colors within tribal voting. They went beyond exposing themselves here though even! Not only did they not voice any opposition to this, but they could have simply voted no or abstained in protest as a conflict of interest as it would have still easily passed. And then gave same lame reason for such a vote if confronted. They weren't even bright enough to mask their compliance using that measure. This virtually leaves absolutely no reason for any progressive or socialist minded citizen to genuinely consider or suggest these people are anything other than frauds.

@William_Mary .....and their followers excuse it by saying they have to play along until they can get some power. They will say, "What do you expect them to do?". 2017 and we're going to primary corporate Dems and fight them turned into AOC telling people that Dems shouldn't fight each other, and her fans said well we just have to wait 20 yrs until AOC can become president or Speaker of the House to get something done. Then when she becomes that and still doesn't deliver....."You guys are unrealistic. Change doesn't happen over night. Would you rather the Republicans be in power? At least we got <insert minimal change here>".


heck, 40 bil added to a debt of 20 tril hardly registers.
there will be a reckoning eventually, though. and it won't be pretty.

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