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On the 82nd anniversary of the assassination of Leon Trotsky

The political conditions that existed in August 1940 resemble to an extraordinary degree those that exist today.

The Ukrainian question is destined in the immediate future to play an enormous role in the life of Europe. It was not for nothing that Hitler so noisily raised the question of creating a “Greater Ukraine.” And likewise it was not for nothing that he dropped this question with such stealthy ease.


I have often used Ukraine to attempt to draw correlations between today and WWll. David North details some of the history for us which some has seemingly mirrored the time lines from the Trotsky perspective.

As above you might recognize this as the stealthy ease of western governments using NATO towards the exploitation of Ukraine as Hitler did. Ukraine as a whole would have never gone untouched within Hitler totally conquering the region. At best the terrorist groups of Stepan Bandera and then nationalist groups, Nazi collaborators, might have found favor for their servitude, but with the region made up of Jews, Poles, and Slavs, a total Hitler conquest of the region would have lead to a potential of a full genocide of the entire region, lacking the need for slave workers. Hitler has been quoted of his disdain for the Slavs also.

The stealthy ease this time came within 8 years of genocidal warring against the people of the Donbass region, nonhuman Russian Slavs to the fascist of Ukraine, to deflect from the world societies notice of it's orchestration. After 8 years and Putin finally coming to their defense, the introduction into NATO could be deceptively used as a roost to demonize Putin, and Russia, along with down playing previous agreements of the past betraying Russia. Another mirrored action committed by both Hitler, Churchill and the US. Once this false narrative can be established the only thing the indoctrinated see is the demonization, as the NATO aspect and betrayals are excused away and lost in the extensive coverage designed for perception management.

{It is a measure of not only Trotsky’s astonishing political farsightedness but also of the parallels between the conditions of 1940 and today, that he devoted an immense amount of attention to the place of Ukraine in the fate of the Soviet Union and all of Europe. Just four months before the outbreak of the Second World War, Trotsky warned:

Today the imperialist proxy war in Ukraine is justified by propaganda in its most debased form. The hack journalists of the capitalist press, ignorant of history, function as the public stenographers of their national intelligence agencies. The vast majority of academics, even those who have studied the history of Ukraine and Russia, have fallen into line with the pro-war hysteria. These intellectual sycophants are incapable of displaying independence of thought and critical judgment. No better and probably worse are the denizens of pseudoleft organizations who posture as socialists and even Marxists as they offer deceitful and hypocritical justifications for not only the imperialist operations in Ukraine but also its preparations for war against China.}

While many know well that Europe paid a heavy toll for the deceit filled WWll, many seemingly only know the glorified western versions of it. How it was manufactured and who the primary conquering army was, they do not seem to know. Who paid the heaviest toll in lives either. Today we're witnessing the same deceptions due to the actions of those above.

William_Mary 8 Aug 21
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