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Venezuela and Colombia Sign Agreement on Investments Protection

The Venezuelan President emphasized that the signed agreement is a step in the right direction to promote productive integration.

The President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, signed this Friday with the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism of Colombia, Germán Umaña Mendoza, an agreement for the promotion and protection of investments between both nations.

From the Miraflores Palace, the head of state highlighted that "this agreement that we are signing today, the Agreement for the Promotion and Protection of Investments between Colombia and Venezuela, points in the right direction to promote a productive, commercial and investment integration of great importance" between the two countries.


{The Executive recalled that "we suffered a lot when they tried to destroy and bleed the union and the fraternal embrace" between two sister nations such as Colombia and Venezuela, but he said that they are sure that "this day will come when we will resume the path of union, brotherhood and complementary integration in the economic, commercial and financial fields.

For his part, the Colombian Minister said that this is a "historic milestone" that serves as an example for all of Latin America.

He also expressed his deep pride in recovering "the path of integration between two brotherly countries that should never have been separated".}

In regards to both highlighted areas above, this would be a reference to western interferences. Another example of how western interferences have harmed leftist and socialist society's of Latin America by forcefully splitting them apart under falsely manufactured propagandized wars to benefit their corporations theft of resources. In which extreme austerity measures quickly follow, harming the foundation of their society's from the forceful agreements with world banks. The theft of resources that no longer provide for the benefits the society was built on. Public transportation, schooling, healthcare, unions, democracy, arts and culture, freedoms, are all essentially eradicated in short time. Venezuela went through this same atmosphere.

Chavez and then Maduro have spent the last 20 plus year reinstalling all of that. Redeveloping the arts and culture of the society, universal healthcare and schooling, over 3 million homes built for those in poverty and lower income citizens. Maduro completed the 3 million mark Chavez designated and moved on towards another 2 million. He visited China after the 3 million mark to witness housing building there and injected the structuring and cheaper means they use to continue. To combat the hunger issue caused by sanctions community farming was developed nationwide. Communities nationwide under Maduro have been revitalized by institutionally introducing citizens into the political election cycles. Much like in Cuba citizens have been highly encouraged to participate towards positions to work with their local politicians. Resembling Cuba's example of having to have at least a minimum amount of citizens participating in the local election cycle. Venezuela according to world election viewers has if not the best one of the best election platforms known. Going through 3 stages consisting of from registering to vote to checking the authenticity of the process as voting occurs. If you hear from our media that their voting is rigged, it's pure bullshit. Election viewers from around the world have been watching the voting process in Venezuela for some time now and always give it high regards, stating it's one of the best election processes they seen. Jimmy Cater has said as much.

The US and other NATO allied war hawks are probably livid with the new direction the new Columbian president is going in. I haven't used teleSUR in a while due to the fact that my post on Latin America got little to no views in the past. I have however, or posted from other sources when this election was gearing up on how Victoria Nuland was sent in to what was most likely attempt to dictate the direction of the election. As she did in Ukraine head leading the illegal overthrow there in 2014. Western corporations were concerned if this guy would be to far left to stick to the then current agenda, or move away. Here's at least part of the answer. Allying with Venezuela who is still under multiple western sanctions is quite a bold statement. Which many Latin American country's are making today on multiple levels.

This is why it is important to educate ourselves to the geopolitical happenings worldwide. With a fair amount of the economic aspects also as with this article. With knowledge of especially Latin America today as it is beginning to turn away from the ruins of the capitalist nature, and Europe's current conditions, you're able to clarify what our own government and medias are falsely misleading you towards. You find yourself more interested in seeking other sources that blaze the fog of their illusion out. Eventually you learn that other sources aren't there to mislead you, if you chose the right one's, but add clarity by giving you the information being suppressed by our medias. Information is indeed being suppressed from us. They only want us seeing their delusional reality that has large gapping holes in it. If you wonder off to find the sun that burns off their fog their days become dark and exposed. They're afraid you might actually use your own intelligence to educate yourselves while observing more information rather than what their managed perception allows. Not that their afraid you're receiving false or poor information, they're already delivering that to us.

A lot of people need to wake up to the clarity of the real reality going on with Ukraine. And you aren't going to get it from our medias or government. If not, what you're going to get as another period of years going by as 1 already has, and find another Iraq beating you upside the head like a 2X4 wondering how you were so foolishly conned again. Wondering how we were conned into supporting and funding the ideology we thought our grandparents fought against. Thought is an underscoring word there. The whole of that history of that period also suppressed in many ways is why we are facing it again today. How we made an enemy out of those who paid the highest tolls both in lives and economically defeating that ideology with our grandparents. The lives lost of her were 27 million people while she fought 10X or more the divisions the allied forces fought. And here we are betraying our Russian brothers and sister again for profits and murdering geopolitical reasons. While a far right nationalist and fascist state is glorified while again committing crimes on humanity since 2014 at least. It's profoundly sickening! We're basically pissing on the graves of our own 😟

William_Mary 8 Feb 5
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