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Operation Ukraine: America's Fingerprints---Who supports Ukrainian Nationalism?

Many don't know the entire history of WWll. It wasn't allowed in the movies or the media of that era. That history is being repeated today. That information isn't allowed in our MSMs today. What little we get that should be deserving of our own initiative to seek more information of is whitewashed and half truths. It's indoctrination to suppress us from seeking the truth. And so that when outside sources are presented to you that do expose more truth, you will deny them and or denounce them as enemy propaganda. A falsely manufactured enemy. Trapping us in the worse type of propaganda of the real enemy. The real enemy has been murdering our own for their benefit for a century within the same agenda. Our families have been expendable for that agenda. Not only in regards to WWll and continued Ukraine---Russia issue, but all those since WWll also.


As soon as World War II ended and the Nazis were defeated, US intelligence agencies built ties with former Hitler collaborators to work together against the Soviet Union and then Russia. The operation to form an armed underground movement in Western Ukraine was dubbed 'Aerodynamic'. The CIA assembled war criminals and Bandera movement activists from filtration camps, and created an agent network. Their task was to sabotage nuclear plants and dams on Ukrainian territory in an effort to separate it from the Soviet Union. They terrorised civilians and were responsible for at least 35,000 casualties, according to CIA co-founder Frank Wisner.

In the early 1950s, Red Army units mostly wiped out the nationalist insurgency, however the CIA employed a new strategy. Since then Ukrainian nationalists have been engaged in an ideological anti-Russian war. The operation β€˜Prolog’ gradually stoked nationalist sentiment in Ukraine and bred loyalty to Nazi ideas. What is the outcome of half-century-long American influence?

William_Mary 8 Feb 25
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What you sow you will reap. It is like the N. Korean situation. It has been put to me that N.Korea is not a prosperous country & that its people are starving. "Now what's the saying about shooting yourself in the foot?"
A look at life expectancy in N. Korea since 1900 identifies the cause of life expectancy being six years less than that of the USA - USA sanctions for 70 years, USA engineering the demise of the USSR which resulted in loss by N.Korea of USSR subsidy.

How can USA be a prosperous country when 70%+ of Americans are over weight, obese or grossly obese and have turned many countries into their enemies because of the atrocities that they have committed?

FrayedBear Level 9 Feb 25, 2023

Thanks for the link. It is a fascinating but not unexpected doco suggesting many Americans should be tried & imprisoned for the crimes against humanity.

It also explains @BarJoe 's indoctrination & sad inability to see reality.

@FrayedBear Tagging me for being indoctrinated? That's one way to get me to comment on a bullshit thread from a misinformation post. @William_Mary and you are the indoctrinated ones. Sharing posts from a Russian propaganda website. RT and FoxNews have been throwing the word "Nazi" around. Nazis like Tucker Fuckface Carlson and Vladimir Fuckity-Fuck Putin calling Ukraine "Nazis". If you believe that, your the one who has the "sad inability to see reality".

@barjoe aww, what's the matter Joe? Are you afraid to watch the documentary as it might provide the potential to challenge the fake world as you know it? You can't even use the terminology of indoctrination and propaganda appropriately because you obviously don't understand what each means. Which means you have no right to judge it as misinformation. Making your entire comment absurd. If you had any genuine means to even be a part of this discussion you'd view the documentary and provide us with an example of your vast intelligence by deciphering all the misinformation you can find in it truthfully.

Which would be quite hard to do considering it reveals classified documents from the CIA. Includes a carefully detailed timeline of events from WWll to today showing the relationships between Nazis of both eras and those running the show in Ukraine today, their relationships with US representatives. Explaining how the fascist made their way into our government and then carry out the agenda we're witnessing today. The video evidence within the documentary can't lie about the fascism in Ukraine. It's overwhelmingly impossible to deny. So that means you're left with being ignorant or collaborate. Be honest now and pick your choice.

You think you have such a good grip on reality? You're right. I'm indoctrinated. It's called a developed opinion. Which I base of the use of various medias that I manage to sort the facts from by using history. You think what ever source you have developed your opinion from isn't propaganda? You're a fool then. Propaganda is just another term for information. You're obviously unable to take in any amount that might challenge your managed reality and rely only on what ever your source of information feeds you. Or you have a collaborate agenda that's the same as theirs. All you ever do is get on these forums and bark bullshit. No substance that provides any common sense in regards to refuting the post you're barking at. Yet you call us sad? You're worse than a child throwing a tantrum fit.

GO get your Rachel Maddow fix now. She'll tell you all the things you like to hear and make the world as you think it is.

@William_Mary Sadly I doubt that he will even read your response.
I have a funny suspicion that in reality face to face at the bar over a refreshing beverage I would find Joe very amenable so long as we don't talk politics, sport and the right to a life free from OCD like control freaks whether Russian, American, Chinese, or Australian. Oh and not forgetting boot scooters of any nationality!

@FrayedBear well, there is the potential that he's an operative of an Internet organization who monitors the opposition of capitalisms hegemony in which he has a duty to confront anyone and anything challenging it. There are a number of profiles here in this site who conduct their presence here that mirror joes. Constantly barking at anything that have a potential to lead people to the truth without providing any substance of intellectual recourse that correlates with these certain people and their same blank opinions. Opinions don't mean a dam thing if you can't express them with a sense of intelligence and substance. It's a proven fact that these people and organizations exist on social medias. This site is no different. They spend their time on here spewing blank speak but never have time to orchestrate a organized response to any issue we expose. And these certain people all mirror each other and project the same empty rhetoric. Which often include a sense of degradation towards posters who challenge certain aspects of our societies and governments. Flags can't turn more red than to suggest this is a matter of a lack of intellectual means or agenda. We've dealt with these same people for several years and their tactics have remained as the same empty rhetoric the entire time. What does that indicate?


A/. the legendary lemming jumping of the cliff has many human equivalents? - "Doh, thinking hurts my brain. Gimme another cookie & beer Marje".

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