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Human Destiny in Ukraine

The deficiencies in the American character have rotted the world.

To scale the pinnacles of corporate, political or military power in the United States requires certain rigid deficiencies of character, specifically the absence of compassion, decency and humanity. In their personal lives, powerful individuals may possess these qualities, but as an elite class, they lack them utterly. How else to explain the abandoned cruelty of U.S. foreign policy since 1945, the wars, with napalm and Agent Orange in Vietnam, depleted uranium and white phosphorus in Iraq, the massive bombing campaigns that destroyed 85 percent of all buildings in Korea, to say nothing of the deliberate destruction of Iraq and Vietnam, the millions upon millions of dead all over the planet, the regime changes, setting countless countries back, developmentally, decades, even centuries, and installing fascist rulers throughout what used to be called the Third World?


A rare use of a MSM for me here. But Eve Ottenberg using one of the better outlets of delivers a compelling article. Why some might ask. Well, with CounterPunch it goes both ways. Within their folds you can find a sense of dissent, or you find the towing of the system line. This particular article speaks loudly of the groups narrative agenda.

And how does this sentiment of deficiencies register in regards to the Americans who have gone along in acceptance and compliance? Blissfully at least, because ignorance is no longer a justified excuse. Especially today in regards to the Ukraine manufactured war where it has been obviously exposed as a fascist endeavor. Once those of us who have been exposing this fact, the ignorant should have made it essential to seek the history and discover those facts. I've been covering this war since at least 2016 on these forums. Ignorance has been lost as a reasoning 9 years over. After 20 years with nearly 9000 of our own men and women lost in Iraq and Afghanistan in wars built on lies and deception, it's no longer acceptable! 30,000 suicides and counting, 10's of thousands mentally and physically harmed, grave coast to society, many abandoned. The same fascist colonization is on steroids in Ukraine!

{These character deficiencies are self-perpetuating: there are always new defectives, deep ranks of them, to replace the ones who leave office and, worse, they never stop. Because of their deficiencies they can’t conceive of conducting world affairs any other way. The American system requires such character deficiencies at the top. The stupendous pressure to be less is taken for granted, and most of those who climb the political, corporate and military mountains are not made of stern stuff to begin with.

For Americans at the top, winning is everything. No one pauses to care whether they tarnished their integrity or ditched it entirely in the process. And since winning is everything, any lie, cheat or subterfuge will do, an attitude to which, sadly, our European allies have shown themselves easily susceptible:}

What will it take for the vast majority of Americans to finally make the connection of the stupendous pressure being "pressed" on them by the ruling classes MSCMs that keeps them trapped in their own deficiencies which lead to sacrificing their own for the benefits of only a few? A future generation is going to ask, where was our integrity. Why did they allow my ........ to be sacrificed in such horrific measures? How many of our youth are secretly holding this in already aware? Dealing with a fear to speak out in a society so indoctrinated.

{This book cites two lessons from events leading to the Ukraine war: “First…it is pointless to ask the United States for compassion. Second…the outcome of the war in Ukraine is crucial not only for Russia but for China and the entire world,” because “there is no level of crime or atrocity to which the United States is not prepared to descend.” Or as Veneziale puts it, “the depravity of some aspects of current U.S. policy.” What Foster refers to as exterminism. You get the idea. It’s part of our rulers’ job description. You have to adopt policies of ruthless, amoral killing – even if you don’t want to! Meanwhile U.S. failure, NATO failure, might have the unintended benefit of persuading Kiev’s leadership to negotiate with Moscow’s.}

How far does it go? They go? The underlining warning of the most influential Socialist throughout history have taught us that colonialism and war is a primary means to keeping capitalism going, major conflict is the last resort to its systemic collapse. We're currently, especially, witnessing the descent into the latter.

I'll repeat this again. The Ukraine issue has every aspect of importance in regards to a capitalist societal structure wrapped up in it. The revamping of this war last year has drastically had a negative effect around the entire globe on top of an already preexisting collapsing capitalist system. Which economist have been warning of since 2007. There are 3 major country's in which the capitalist structure highly depend on within various fronts who have managed to avoid the capitalist hegemony. We depend on! 2 of which are currently being pushed into compliance or made enemies of with Russia. They are currently challenging the capitalist system and gaining partners worldwide. Europe is highly conflicted on multiple levels with social dissent widening by the week. Capitalism seemingly has its last throws resting on the Ukraine war that it falsely manufactured. It is the adhesive pulling those tired of its hegemony together. While we have sociopaths leading us? !We're not going to survive another 20 years at this rate!

William_Mary 8 Apr 9
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FrayedBear Level 9 Apr 10, 2023

Basically fiat currency means worth is a virtually reality. A reality that is a worthless construct being managed by those with the given power to place worth. In an instance worth can be expanded or decline at a whim by that power structure. As we often see used in the "free Market". It is expanded or declines to benefit a certain few at the expense of the citizenship, in which their worth (the citizenship) virtually remains stagnant or declines. Only those who have managed to live through the more prosperous decades have managed to find beneficial scenarios. While more people since about the 80s have been joining the lower and poverty classed citizenship. As that power structure moved towards expanding a negative universal globalization using a worthless dollar. Which is now highly being challenged.

If the western power structure continues to refuse to join the current changes being attempted to unite all countries under a peaceful umbrella and trade commitments, abandoning their hegemony ways, the potential of everything we own can in an instance become worthless. The US can find itself alone and in a state of poverty.

I've been warning of this for several years. We are currently witnessing the entire world point their fingers at us as the sole problem of the global chaos as we are still currently attempting a program of reverse colonization of Europe. Since the Ukraine issue has been exacerbated, this has been the going narrative among political commentary and for those in Europe who have been facing unprecedented inflation rates and energy issues. At this pace it is inevitable that the US will eventually become seen as a global villain and be outcast by the world society. And it can happen in an instance at any given moment with the right bad move.

@William_Mary in many respects the sooner the better for most people including the majority of Americans.

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