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Tucker Carlson Tried to Serve Two Masters

The Fox News host paid the price because he tried the impossible — straddling the divide between corporate media and critical journalism

Many of the people who are now busy hating on Tucker Carlson, with reason, are missing the bigger picture. Carlson was a genuine aberration in U.S. corporate media. Which is why he is gone — sacked by media “titan” Rupert Murdoch.


Quite frankly, I'm surprised he lasted as long as he did. He did so during a long period of pulling in the largest numbers of viewers of most within the Fox network. Over a span since 2016 Tucker began making a number of critical comments exposing the ruling class agendas on occasions that began me wondering how long it would take. He was quite good at helping to manipulate the nationalist and fascist followers of Fox. Within independent medias it's widely spoken of ties to intelligence and wealth that has helped his career be so lasting. He was the NYT mirroring guy at Fox. As long as you walk that thin line between the 80% of the commonly used orchestrated managed perceptions developed by public relation firms, NGO's, and think tanks, you can count on being well paid with a long lasting career keeping such a charade going. A path he walked along with Rachel Maddow for many years from the other side.

But when you begin to allow the facts the ruling class don't want out into society your time can quickly be cut off. A fair number of MSNBC host have found this out themselves when they grew tired of being used for agenda purposes over factual journalism. Many of them didn't last so much as a week if they went off path. When you start to divulge facts like Biden and his sons crimes, questioning warring agendas, the fascist elements in the Ukraine government and military, beginning under the Obama administration, further detailing the false Trump - Russian collusion of 2016, I'm surprised he made it this far. More recent examples are in the article.

I often state that those within my sources can't get onto MSCM networks to challenge the ruling class agendas. Tucker was probably the only exception. To a degree.

{Yes, over the years Carlson played on white fears, placing him firmly on the right. But he also gave over his massive corporate platform at Fox News to some of the most critical and thoughtful independent journalists and pundits around — from Glenn Greenwald and Aaron Matè to Jimmy Dore.}

With the exception of Aaron Mate, the other 2 have been questionable in my opinion in regards to having shady coverage. Mate however has been a consistent dissenter against the machine. A journalist once with the Grayzone who did wide coverage on the OPCW mentioned in the article, and still a part of the hearings at the UN about those "chemical attacks". Issues like this and the Nord Stream act of terrorism are clearly off limits!

{Through a rapid rise in his ratings, Carlson proved that there is an appetite, a big one, for stories that question the consensual narrative imposed by the rest of the corporate media, for stories that actually hold the powerful to account — rather simply claiming to — and for stories that refuse to assume Western meddling around the globe is necessarily a good thing.

If it was only white fearmongering that drew audiences and propelled network news hosts to the top slot, then Sean Hannity would surely be king of the ratings, not Carlson.}

Tucker provided a major source of dissent for nationalist and fascist against "liberal politics". One's that many left supporting citizens should have also been paying attention to! That will be left to Hannity now. If he manages to succeed in that arena he looks forward to a new big pay day. All he'll have to do is walk that line (half truths, dis/misinformation, no real substance) and remember that when republicans are in control to avoid correlating the same crimes onto them. Tucker simply got to a point of exposing to much of the real substance.

The 2 sentences I highlighted above are exactly what I have on occasion mentioned in my post in regards to filtering through the dis/misinformation on MSMs that my independent sources cut through the chase to. I learned enough that I can observe both type of right and left medias and subtract the factual information and build a reasoning for dissent against the machine. You only have to learn where the bullshit is and recognize what to toss out as distractions. And history is the primary, essential, means to do this. The lies and distractions are simply recycled means used over and over to fool us and push us into divisional indoctrination. When the vast majority of our population actually all want relatively the same type of society and policies that can produce better results. But we've allowed them to divide us mostly on geopolitical spectrums just as they use around the globe to divide nations. Eradicate wide spread racism and nation demonization and problems can begin to be solvent as the greedy agendas of capitalism are exposed.

Again, I got ahead of the article. Dam I'm good! The problem is like an old urban folklore though. You can lead a horse to water but you can't force the horse to drink it. Stuck in one sides box observing from a rabbit hole learning nothing.

{The reality, the one Carlson confirms, is that there is an audience ready to listen to critical, independent journalism — when it can be found. The job of the corporate media is precisely to stop viewers hearing dissident views, a rule that Carlson played fast and loose with for too long. Now, it seems, he has paid the price.}

{It is interesting to consider too, if we are debating the effect of exposing Fox News audiences to leftwing and dissident perspectives, what impact Greenwald, Maté and others had on Carlson himself.

Those who know him well, such as Greenwald, have argued that he is on a political path away from the views he once held. There is certainly evidence for this. And it may be that it was just such evidence that sealed his fate.

Sounding more like Noam Chomsky, Carlson refers in the clip below to the media as a “control apparatus” and admits “I spent most of my life being part of the problem,” including by promoting the 2003 Iraq war.}

Well if he goes the way of Chomsky, he still remains a parasite on humanity. Chomsky is very good at correctly providing dissent speak, but always reflecting back to a side that also serves the ruling class. He was right there with the hoard of anything but Trump while he avidly supported Biden knowing all of Biden's history as a main player of all our problems during his entire political career. While all the crimes of the Ukraine issue were under him within the Obama administration. Where is Chomsky today after Biden has exacerbated that war now as president along with the vast dis/misinformation campaign from the news media? There's nothing I hate more in the political arena than those who speak dissent but provide no direction out of it. Chomsky serves both masters.

{Presumably Murdoch understood that he was very much included in “the small group of people who actually run the world,” a group that should “earn our contempt.”

But beyond speculating about Carlson’s motives, the more significant point — the one we should celebrate and highlight — is that media “consumers” are slowly becoming less passive and more critical of traditional sources of information.

Carlson understood that trend and tried to straddle the divide. He had a foot in both the corporate media camp and the independent camp. Through his sacking, he has proved just how untenable that position is.

One — the corporate media — is there to entertain and distract us, and keep us locked into tribal identities, banging heads against each other in utter futility. The other — independent media – is there to help us think more critically about power and about our responsibilities as citizens.

You can’t serve those two masters — as Tucker Carlson just found out the hard way.

William_Mary 8 Apr 29
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I've not watched TV or cable news for over 14 years so I don't know how tucker was before fox and once the tether to reality hannity had - otherwise known as combs - quit Inever got the impression there was any critical journalism going on at fox.
Maybe it's just tucker "style" that put me off so much.

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