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Western News Media Exist To Administer Propaganda

The single most overlooked and under-appreciated aspect of our society is the way domestic propaganda is used to shape the way mainstream westerners perceive and think about their world.

Typically the only time you’ll ever hear the word “propaganda” mentioned in mainstream discourse is in reference to things other countries do to their own citizenry or as part of foreign influence operations, despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of the times we’ve encountered propaganda in our day to day lives, the call was coming from inside the house.

The western media have been exposing their role as propagandists for the US-centralized empire a bit more than usual lately. Here are a few recent examples.


The fact that there's an information war towards deceiving the citizens of western societies by western MSMs can't be stressed enough. So much so that even after 20 years of people knowingly {that is they should realize now} having had their perceptions falsely managed towards each war throughout that period, many have allowed it again in regards to Ukraine. The results of that 20 year period ---- []

And in regards to today, many have again been conned into the support and funding of a fascist government that was installed after an illegal overthrow of a democratically elected government in 2014 in Ukraine. In which the western most part of that country is being turned into a bed of another full blown fascist society resembling Germany of the early and mid 20th century. We funded a genocide campaign of theirs on the people in the east of that country while the fascist also spent 8 years digging in and fortifying that region {Donbass} preparing for the current special operations Russia was forced to engage in which they knew would become probable.

The western medias were for the most part silent of the previous 8 years before Feb of last year. What little information reached western societies was a building of false narratives and mis/disinformation in preparation to use in the current information war. Essentially everything we are being told today about Russia is not only, mostly false, in regards to war crimes and civilian attacks of all aspects are what long ago during those 8 years the Ukrainian military had been doing to those citizens. What has never been emphasized by western MSMs is that fact and that the citizens of the Donbass regions were left on their own to defend their own against a military that was well better funded possessing military equipment to enable that agenda. The local militia of those 2 regions were forced to scratch and claw for every resource they could get or capture.

It's the usual tactic of western governments recycled. Taking their own committed crimes and turning them into false accusations using them on the enemy they manufactured. After 20 years of being manipulated into a delusional reality the majority of the US population fell for another manipulated delusional reality.

And the entire world society today is paying a staunchly high price for our ignorances. Some reports are stating that many more people outside of Ukraine have died as a result to this war due to the conditions it has caused. From the initial beginning in 2014, civilians and of both militaries. Africa alone is being devastated in regards to the grain issues in which only 3% of the grain coming out of the Ukraine region have been allowed to get there. The initial outcry was for grain under the false narrative being of Russia holding back grain exports, when it was actually mines left by Kiev preventing ship movements. Once the mines were removed and Russia made it clear they had nothing to do with it, Europe hoarded the imports. This not only hurts Africa going without, but also Europe's own farming industry flooding it out.

I can't stress enough on how information is used against us in the western societies. The Grayzone is mentioned in the Johnstone article a couple of times. The Grayzone is a independent site that is in the running towards receiving the most negative false claims of being a fake news resource. There's a big reason for this! Because their coverage of foreign politics, within many of their articles, outlines and exposes the think tank groups, NGO's, public relation firms, and billionaires behind the massive mis/disinformation campaigns on the planet, like Bellingcat, mentioned in the article. Many of their article give details of how and where the money comes from, the purpose the narratives are being managed as they are, who's involved and why. There truly isn't a better site to learn about these groups, the people behind them, the agendas behind the people, who they are working for. We are told they are a fake news site spreading mis/disinformation because they don't want us to learn about these issues. []


These are all articulative techniques towards delivering a message towards conforming information to develop a foundation of opinion. Propaganda is constantly confronting us from all aspects of information and angles of our lives. I placed it in front of the others because all those after it form the conditions to reach the last, our perception.


Propaganda is a part of a construction towards a formation from information to build a developed opinion. It can come from both negative or positive elements. It can be factual, it can be false, it can be purposely misleadingly, even while intertwined with both facts and fiction. It's your own personal responsibility to understand this to prevent yourself from being mislead. Our MSMs , especially our MSCMs, regularly use the intertwined version to support their biased side of the political arena and chosen politicians. They do this without exposing all truths to protect their biasness. And they'll make a point of using the other sides coverage as a talking point to keep you from asking more questions using useless rhetoric to keep you from seeking more information. We must be indoctrinated to only one sides view. Once you're trapped to a one sided view you're easily open to being fooled. Don't be a fool. Ask more questions. See something different, investigate it. Applying history to it almost always opens up the reality. If you're getting accusations without any sense of detailed explanations, you're being taken for a fool. Some other source has the details. Today our medias don't question. They simply just drop rhetoric on us like we're fish hungry enough to bite the hook. Rhetoric is a clear indication of mis/disinformation. Don't be a fool!

William_Mary 8 May 20
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I watch PBS News and MSNBC. They both have guests from both political parties. What they don't have is extremists. Itrust both. If either one gets something wrong they will admit it and change it. If you have the ability for critical thought you can figure out what is going on and what is right.

Sticks48 Level 9 May 20, 2023

Typically from the first opening sentences or statements one can get the gist or flavor of what is being presented. I seek out the facts - or at least try to.
If only we could have a few days of not TV, internet or media exposure, not that it would change the died in the wool nutters on either side but it might just make those in the center better thinkers.

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