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Small Farmers Vs. Big Mining in Central America


This is also another issue in Venezuela. As mining expands throughout the country people are threatened by these companies to leave their lands. Some having managed to illegally force people off who are then left to fight in attempts to get them back. Especially in more remote areas where the government then has to step in. If they hand this country back over to the opposition these people will be left to the wolves! Neither national companies owned by the country's elite or foreign companies that will come in will care about the people or the legal ownership of land, they only care about taking the resources at the expense of anyone's misfortune.

William_Mary 8 Mar 2
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We do not live a sustainable lifestyle by any means. We need less electronics - no buying a new phone every year or a new computer every five years. We're using way too much.

Recycle recycle recycle. We have been purposely lead into a throw away society for the benefit of capitalism. Our means of transportation for food and other products are wasteful on purpose to serve companies the benefit of lower wages. Rather than spread the production equally to need. Technology is being stalled of advancement in areas that would benefit the working class and society. Otherwise it would begin to deliver a message of how socialism and less work hours could benefit society and the American worker. They would rather you be overworked as they can hide their call to help society over more social equality.


I'm so tired of mining being a viable industry. Our world has taken so much from the earth, we could probably get by with recycling what has already been mined. Also, why the fuck is the purity of metals valued in jewelry? Fake jewelry is just as pretty. Also why value diamonds so much for anything other than practical uses like for cutting things? Fake diamonds are just as pretty.
Why do people sacrifice their health and lives underground for precious metals that can be found in dumps and recycling centers?
Why are people running most industry to cowardly and greedy to switch to green energy production and green business?
Why the fuck is hemp not used more than paper or plastic or cotton?
I'm disappointed in humanity.

About diamonds: [bendavidjewelers.com]


...and it's not just Venezuela.

In Honduras, up to January 2017, 172 mining concessions had been granted, covering a total area of 7,275 square kilometers, equivalent to 6.47 of the country’s territory.

In Guatemala, up to the same date, 55 concessions had been granted, covering an area of 4,143 square kilometers, or 3.81 percent of the national territory.

And by May 2017 Nicaragua had granted 146 mining concessions, and is still processing 20 more applications. Altogether, including the pending applications, they cover 11,143 square kilometers, or 8.55 percent of the country.

Sad...we still so obviously exploit 3rd world nations....

Yes, those were the areas covered in the article. I added Venezuela in my comment to go with today's issues, towards allowing the opposition to take power would magnify those same problems.