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I got a laugh out of this one. How ironic!

William_Mary 8 Jan 10
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ObushaObombney built the 1st hundreds if not a thousand miles of "wall" TrumpOLINi was too stupid to cite that fact pretending his wall would be paid for by Mexico..... Pelosi paid infiltrators to be agent provocateurs to keep Vice President Pence from doing his job preventing illegal electors from electing the Bidens crime families....never forget elections have been stolen many times since 1824 AND 19 STATES illegally kicked off ballots Green Party Howie Hawkins the same 19 states Dr Jill Stein legally qualified ballot status.... September 19th 2019 TrumpOLINi signed all our death warrents too stupid to know what his Executive Orders authorized.... real IRONY is Albert Gore Junior himself deposed his Presidency January 2000 twenty 6 times Congressmembers from 3 states TRIED to do what 78 rethuglicans did 2020 ....Gore kept twisting the CONSTITUTIONAL ROLL CALL OF THE STATEs by challenging all 26 House Members from the Speaker's Chair : " does the Member have a Senator from your state rise in support of your motion ? " The Astronaut Senator and 2 others refused to condemn the Jeb Bush crime family ELECTORS 100% "fake" 22 years ago ...... racists forced thousands of black voters away from Florida polls AT GUNPOINT and Nader is blamed for 584 "hanging chads" ....racists have ruled USA every year with guns since 1776


Our reality is being bombarded by virtual insane individuals who feel they are sane!!!


Thanks for this! The humor helped. My head is aching from too much effin crazy shit that seems will go on awhile.
Except I don't think they proved it to themselves walls don't work. They can't climb and think. They would have to see the correlation.

gigihein Level 8 Jan 12, 2021

The same rethuglicans who want a wall employ illegal aliens to bust union workers jobs/ is all a sham voting one way and bribing in the opposite direction.....I am an eyewitness to 8000+ illegal aliens in Horry County S Carolina building dozens of high rise condos hotels spas gated communities in Myrtle Beach for 10 dollars per hour scabbing 30 dollar per hour union jobs and GAY SENATOR LINDSEY GRAHAM & OREO COOKIE JUNIOUR senator never fails to blame teachers unions for failing schools starved for funding public schools diverting funds to racist religious schools

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Posted by William_MaryIt has been questioned if Einstein actually made this statement.

Posted by William_Mary“The ideas of the ruling class are in every epoch the ruling ideas, i.

Posted by William_MaryHowever we have an escape-------[]

Posted by William_MaryKeep people from their history, and they are easily controlled.

Posted by William_MaryThis fairly explains our political woes within our citizenry when it comes to the voting process that's managed within only 2 parties with their perceptions managed by propaganda designed to support ...

Posted by William_MaryI can pretty much apply this thought to just about everyone who has attempted to challenge my agenda here in this group, and my comments on social media in regards to our political arena.

Posted by William_MaryBy Apr.

Posted by William_MaryThe working class holds the strength to change the world for a better society for everyone. We just need to refuse to remain indoctrinated into their manufactured delusional reality.

Posted by William_MaryWhen the state is controlled by corporations and the ruling class.

Posted by of-the-mountainHas sanity and respect for all female, male, and children’s healthcare been suspended by these obstructionists republican fascists with their overt agenda against the people of this country!!! Are ...

Posted by William_MaryWorld's Most Tyrannical Regime Can't Stop Babbling About "Human Rights" We saw the change in coverage because Washington and its imperial spinmeisters only care about human rights abuses insofar as...

Posted by Mary_janeThis really hurt different

Posted by altschmerzSteve Chapman: Will Biden end the war in Afghanistan? Don’t bet on it

Posted by altschmerzKilling Nora: The Real Reason Trump Should Have Been Impeached

Posted by William_MaryI got a laugh out of this one. How ironic!

Posted by William_MaryThere's a lot of ass covering going on in the MSCM today.

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