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Toxins to the Brain

Wildgreens 8 Feb 13
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Useful information but the one on MSG has shown to be misleading. An article from a respected nutritionist, Carrie Dennett showed a lot of negative hype started during a period of anti-Chinese rhetoric. Since MSG originated from Asia it was deemed bad and shunned. Now it is marketed under the brand "Accent." I subscribe to a periodical "Nutrition Action' and follow the non-conflicted science on issue of diet and health and have no problems using MSG. Also, the issue on Fluoride is a depends issue. When taken into the body it can cause harm but when applied with small amounts of toothpaste it can strengthen the enamel on teeth. Since all my water comes from rain there are no additives whatsoever but my dentist (also a concerned vegan) said we still could use some applied directory to the teeth. Sever brands of Earth Supportive brands have some varieties with fluoride.

JackPedigo Level 9 Feb 14, 2021

Yeah, that MSG stuff is nonsense and easily falsifiable. Even if the rest of the stuff may be true, someone this careless with verifying their information or who falls for urban legends like that shouldn't ever be the source for your news.

And not for nothing, but I think the fluoride bit is just from one small study in Canada that didn't even find a statistically significant difference in about half of the offspring, so, probably bullshit.



JeffMurray Level 7 Feb 14, 2021

Fluoride isn’t the danger it’s being portrayed as.
WTF to much water can kill you and that’s millions of times more likely than accidental fluoride poisoning.
Sounds like something an antivaxer made.

Yeah, it's dripping with anti-vaxxerness.

floride is not good for your pineal glad where it does the most harm and does not let it,s full potential come out


LOL. MSG is a natural flavoring, the typical diet gets about 3 tsp a day. MSG sensitivity doesn't exist, no one reacts to it in double blind studies. Since that part of the chart is pure bullshit, the rest is likely garbage too.

Druvius Level 8 Feb 13, 2021

No, heavy metal poisoning causing brain damage is well documented. It's why lead has been removed from paint and we monitor water. The neglect of Flint Mi will be with us for years.

True enough, MSG is harmless though. It's was a victim of the naturalism fallacy and the Eastern Wisdom fallacy: []

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