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As vegans we talk probably more about diet then the rest of it. I’m not a vegan activist. Seems like lots of vegans think you need to be. I have my opinions but all really just want to do is happily live my vegan life without getting in peoples face about it. That said, Long before I had a clue about veganism or new anything at all beyond the cultural norm I grew up in when somebody had a lucky rabbits foot on a keychain I would say to them, “it wasn’t so lucky for the rabbit, was it?” Back then I wasn’t saying this because I was vegan, it just seemed strange to walk around with a severed foot.

By ArdentAtheist8
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I'm the same way. Live and let live. I'm not militant about my preferences and would never force anyone to change their diet because it's my preference

BignotbadJohn Level 2 Mar 11, 2019

Some Vegans are almost religious about their dietary choices.

MissKathleen Level 9 Mar 9, 2019

@Gooniesnvrdie They preach. They try to get others to follow their beliefs. Some of them call non-Vegans murderers. Reminds me of religious zealots.

@Gooniesnvrdie I don’t tell Vegans that they should eat meat. They don’t need to tell me I shouldn’t. I actually have four Vegan days a week by choice, but it’s nobody’s business whether I do or don’t eat meat and those who don’t eat meat are not entitled to an opinion about my choices. I am sorry your orders have to be sent back, but it is likely because restaurant workers are not paid very well, not that they are undermining your dietary choices. Advertising is obnoxious, whatever it is for, because it is greedy business behind it, and has nothing to do with religiously promoting meat, it’s just greed. How is it worse than all the advertising for crappy processed food that is bad for human health? I get a spinach-strawberry salad for dinner every time I go to a certain mostly meat restaurant, so not EVERY salad has animal protein on it.

@Gooniesnvrdie I did comment on them. 1. “Meat eaters preach constantly.” I am a meat eater. I told you that I don’t tell Vegans that they should eat meat. So, all meat eaters do not “preach”. I do not even know anybody who would tell a Vegan that they should eat meat. 2. “Every salad on every menu has meat and cheese on it.” I responded about the spinach-strawberry salad that .I order every time at a specific restaurant. 3. “I have to send my food back every time...” I responded that the reason is probably because the help isn’t paid enough to care to do the job right. 4. “Imagine every time you saw a billboard, a menu, coupons...” I responded that it is corporate greed, nothing else. (Quite frankly, I ignore all advertising for that reason.) I did willfully ignore the xian crosses part because I thought it was a stretch and didn’t want to insult you. So, I responded to four out of five of your points. Which one of us missed the point of the other?

@Gooniesnvrdie I understand your points. I do not necessarily agree with them, but I respect your right to your perspective on this issue and your right to publicly express that opinion. I would hope to receive the same consideration. I see “religious” behavior in relation to a lot of beliefs in society, not just religion, and my intent was to point that out regarding Veganism. I could do the same on other issues up for discussion here on the site. I do understand how these things might affect you, but I also feel it is your choice to allow them to affect you, and think you don’t have to allow it to do so. Just as you did not have to allow my remark to affect to the extent that you selectively chose what to understand of what I said.

@Gooniesnvrdie I get your points. I don't think I ever see a tv food commercial that doesn't have an animal product on it, same with advert boards. I was at work one time, explaining how I had made pasta switch once, replacing chicken with chickpeas, a beef farmer was next me and said it was ridiculous and unhealthy to get off animal products. It was one meal, and she wasn't even there when the girl I was talking the recipe to, told me working with raw chicken grossed her out. People are strange all around in our own quirky ways. I find it all a fascinating adventure. And my new job may be working with animals, so I won't have to worry about selling things I do not push personally!

@Gooniesnvrdie At no time in this conversation did I comment on animal agriculture. It is for that reason, in fact, that I practice four Vegan days per week. Yes, there are many practices in this country, (to quote you, “god, guns and bbq”, et. al.) followed religiously, often including Veganism. That was my point. And most of those practicing religiously are just as zealous and proselytizing as the religists.


I tend to be more of a flexitarian. When I am alone I eat pretty much vegetarian and pushing into vegan. When I'm with my kids or my kids come over I fix meals with meat for them and eat whatever they have fixed which usually has meat. I don't need anyone else to eat as I do. I don't want anyone else telling me how I should eat. We're all fully functioning adults and therefore get to make up our own minds about what/when/how to eat or live our lives. Some people treat their diets like a religion. I have left one religion, I'm not about to get tangled up in another.

HippieChick58 Level 9 Mar 8, 2019