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Generally I just prefer vegetables to look like vegetables, and not like meat substitutes.
But I decided to give this plant based 'chicken' a try, and I quite enjoyed it.

BDair 7 Jan 3
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I agree, but we need a stepping stone for all those who currently consume meat to switch to a humane alternative. I was one of those and I've never looked back. Going forward, simply eating vegetables and fruit is the way forward because they taste great and have a lower environmental impact than meat substitutes.

Vpatel Level 5 Jan 30, 2020

Is it vegan?

Wildgreens Level 7 Jan 10, 2020

I've never seen that in any store I've went to

This was from Trader Joe's. You might be on the wrong coast.


I tried another flavor (spicy) that I quite enjoyed too. Its a nice change from tofu.


Thanks. I'll note the brand.
I'm like you. The majority of meat substitutes I eat are because someone gives them to me.

This Christmas one of our neighbors put an ad in an envelope in our mailbox for a local burger shop that now offers veggie burgers. We're sure that the neighbors were proud of themselves pointing out a treat for us to help us survive our perpetual rut. Ha,ha. 😂

They know we enjoy eating well. But they fundamentally don't understand what that means to us.😎

RichCC Level 7 Jan 3, 2020

That’s quite a lot of effort for your neighbours to go to, sounds like they are caring people, good neighbours are great 🙂

They are amazing people. They moved into their house about fifty years ago when it was a vacation cabin on the edge of a very small town and they gradually built up their house themselves over the years keeping up with the people around them. It's known as the 'rock house' now.

Sorry to brag. But we got extremely lucky with the whole neighborhood. We're all independent people but we keep track of each other. Everybody knows each other's children and animals and general routines.
We can see each other's yards and trust each other.

There are lots of interaction stories. In a snow storm a month ago we lost several large branches from trees out front. Ron noticed and came over unasked to help clean up. (He got almost a cord of firewood in the deal.)

The city council knows our area by name and respects our interests. For example a few years ago Walmart took over a small strip mall a mile south of us. The council arranged it with the store to funnel the new traffic from the other direction past the hospital rather than through our streets.

Anyway. You're right, they're very caring people.

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