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I know, we're from all over the country, but I wish we could have a get together to meet, talk and laugh. It would be so much fun meeting and socializing in person with like minded people. Just a wishful thinking for Christmas...oops! Hey,It doesn't hurt to have a wish, right? It just happen to be Christmas time.

NatureGal 6 Dec 23

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American Atheist National Convention in Oklahoma City this year


try plenty of clubs like that. Especially in the nyc area. Message me if you

I might go to this one:

if anyone is going let me know.

Thanks, I'll be interested in going. NYC is ok, and hope is on weekends. Work and gym during the week. I, also, would like to know if you go, too.


Thank you, everyone! I'm from the East Coast, N.J. And, I would like to talk more, but I have to prepare meals for my wonderful grown kids that I'll be happy to spend time with today and tomorrow.
Hope, you spend/enjoy time with your loved ones, and/or close friends!


I sure would like that...and wishes are good at anytime


On Meet up I found a Humanists group in Omaha, and I've been attending some of the meetings. Great group of folks. []


Great wish... maybe ine day 🙂 i would be keen lol


Yes I agree I definitely enjoy talking to other atheist what's great about atheist as we have so many different beliefs and I find that amazing people often make the mistake that we don't have beliefs far from the truth so yes it be cool to talk to a lot of like-minded people and meet them


Hey everyone, Vegas baby!


I understand what you mean.


I'm from Sacramento California! Where are you? Where is everyone from?

Miami, Floriduh!

Kalgoorlie Western Australia

Omaha, Nebraska


Lots of places have local atheist groups that meet. I must admit, though, as a homebody, I've often reflected that one of the great benefits of being an atheist is that I don't HAVE to go to meetings. 😀 I have considered before though, just for the like-minded company.

I looked up local meetings. Didn't go. Used every excuse. I don't know why! I'm going to change that. Step outside our comfort zone and interact with the like minded individuals!

I find it quite nice to not have to censure what I say in our Humanist Group. Do enjoy being out as an atheist.


If you’d all like to come to TX, I’d be happy to attend.

A great reason to travel and see Texas!


I think our best bet is to contact people close to you to see if they want to get together.


If they find out, a lot of believers will think it's for an orgy. 😛

And that would be fine too. We are just a bunch of heathens.


Yah that would be great


So you are saying we need a convention (like 'convergence', 'dragon*con', etc...)
yes, please?


Yep, it's in our long term plan. We want to get to 100,000 members first. Spread the word 🙂

Admin Level 8 Dec 23, 2017

I get to be The Firekeeper of the bonfire when it happens!!!!

I am so doing that...trying to get my kids here also...

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