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Nasa announces the discovery of organic matter on Mars...

...fascinating news for sure, but it carries with it a sense of dread - dread in the knowledge that, very soon, one will need to explain to an excitable friend, family member or colleague that "the discovery of organic matter on Mars" ≠ "OMG we found aliens!!!!!!"

I expect to have had that conversation at least 26 times by 9:05am at work tomorrow morning.


Jnei 8 June 7

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Etre Level 7 June 8, 2018

Yes, they said this was not proof of Life, since fragmented organic molecules and methane can be produced in other natural ways, but that is not exciting enough fro the news media. But it could be that Mars had Life long ago when it's interior heat was greater and it might have had a better atmosphere. Life does not equate to intelligent life, and even here on Earth now the majority of life forms are very simple, including the greatest and dominant life form on Earth today which is not mankind.


I'm looking forward to SpaceX launching its proposed BFR, which is designed to carry 100 people to Mars. It should open another era in space exploration and commercialization.


Finally, someone that is not impressed by this news like me.


Organic matter is found all over the solar system. Not exactly ground shaking news.

The fact that we can detect it in rocks three billion years old on another planet, meanwhile... 🙂

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