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kmdskit3 8 June 8

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Most whites do not oppose the NFL protests. It is the Trump crowd and related bigots who do.


In part it's just conservatism, most hippies were white and were also opposed, so it's not entirely racist; however it is absolutely turbocharged by racism.
Superficial patriotism is one of the most disgusting forms of hypocrisy, so when I see someone with a Trump hat on sitting in his front yard drinking a beer with a rebel flag on the back of his truck with the bumper sticker that says "Jesus is coming back and boy is he pissed" while wearing a t shirt that says "America, love it or leave it!" I don't expect him to know what I mean when I use a term like "cognitive dissonance" because his IQ is probably dangerously close to 80 at most.
Remember when their proof of the traitorous nature of candidate Obama was that he didn't wear a god damn American flag lapel pin while giving the pledge of the allegiance.
Superficial patriotism like that demonstrates low intelligence, lack of fundamental understanding of human nature, and is the primary indicator that you are ripe for exploitation by fascist inclined to manipulate you with your nationalism. That's why Fox News ran the complaint about that fucking useless lapel pin, because morons would get all upset over it, the same people that would be confused to find out that people smarter then them are put off by their display of the confederate flag.

Perfectly stated! (stealing this, btw)

@Clauddvon ok This!!! This! This!

This !!! In case you missed it the first time. Mind if I share it on FB?

@Iamkratom Feel free...


Trump Merry band of racists


Ok, uh I'm a white, and I'm all off the NFL protests. Best thing the NFL has done in a long time... Those that do oppose... Well I think they are just too nationalistic to admit that maybe their country has done some things that they shouldn't be proud of... But that's just a guess.


They don't. It's not a white or black thing, it's an ideology thing. You either believe people have the right to peacefully protest in any way they see fit for an issue they believe is important, or you don't. The right believes that it's only correct to protest when things line up with their agenda. The left (which encompasses many of the NFL protesters) believe that they deserve EQUAL TREATMENT UNDER THE LAW by Police officers and others in positions of power. They believe that they have a right (and they do) to show their frustration with the current legal and judicial system by taking a knee. They don't take a kneel out of disrespect for our "misguided sense of loyalty to a flag", they kneel to protest and fight injustices that THEY and their families fight every day.

I'm white AND I'm a 4 time combat vet and I say TAKE A FUCKING KNEE if you have a problem with our country. It's people like Kaepernick who are on the RIGHT side of history and he will be looked at in decades in much the same way we looked at Mohammed and MLK when they were fighting the injustices they felt from "white america." We go to war SO THAT YOU CAN protest when you feel there is an injustice. So that YOU CAN stand up to your government if you feel oppressed or slighted from another demographic of our society. Fuck political correctness, fuck people who look at this as a "flag" issue - they're only sucking Trumps nuts as usual.

So, it's not a "white thing", it's a DECENCY, RESPECT and EQUALITY thing. Some people (including me) feel WE NEED TO GET IT FOR EVERYONE and others (Trump supporters) believe it's only something reserved for "white america".

A large majority of these "flag loyal" ass-hats are draft dodging, never served a day of anything "public service" and own lots of guns...they're loyal to no one, or nothing (including the flag). It's only bait from the Commander-in-Chump


Great post and thank you for sharing. Ask yourself: When, ever, anywhere do white people give black people permission to protest racism, injustice, brutality and murder. Ever?



Those aren't whites so much as trumpanzees. You can tell the difference, as trumpanzees are limited to a two digit IQ and can often be found accusing everyone else of hating America.


Many do not understand the reason why!


I think b/c it's easier to jump on the bandwagon than to consider who's driving the bandwagon and where it's headed...much easier to assume we know what others' intentions are if we don't actually talk to them.

But that said, not ALL Americans think this way. If you occupy a sector of the population that regularly experiences discrimination, you tend to ask questions and look twice


Do you mean some whites? I don't. I support them. I know the purpose of them. The reason for them happens day after day after day here. It is nauseating and heartbreaking. 😟

Me I support

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