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Sport at the top level is a shady business. Here's a new football corruption scandal, just in time for the World Cup football championship in Russia.

Petter 9 June 8

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Any biz at the top is shady... sports not the exception.


I think about the hundreds of desperate Nepalese construction workers who were treated like slaves and died because of the inhuman working conditions in Qatar.

Any football fan who knows about this crime yet still travels to the event is complicit and culpable. To me I see cheering football fans covered in blood.


As the Spanish would say, "Tienes razon."
You make a most valid point.


I can't stand watching any sport. When a game becomes business, it lost the meaning of 'game'.

"Sport" likewise means just that. Big money has destroyed the concept. It started with tennis and golf and has spread into almost every sport, even playing darts in a pub!

Same here

@Petter Tribes will always try to get the better of rival tribes. They say that a fighter pilot is worth 3 times more in pure financial terms than his plane. Would you rather they spend their money on fighter pilots or sports people.

@273kelvin Not when it devolves into bribery.

@Petter Theres always rats in a granary

@273kelvin and some are well fattened king rats.

@Petter I know the admin sucks and there is money at the root but you will still see guys giving their all for the team. Even risking the end of their very lucrative career.

@273kelvin I know. That's why I am so saddened by the corruption in football management. (JJ sports is an example of a footballer who lost his career, but managed to salvage his joy for the game. )
I enjoy football when it is "played with passion", but find it boring when two professional teams are simply going through the motions. That's why I find the FA cup games are so interesting - or certain derby matches.


Ooooooh, you mean soccer! ??

@Crimson67 lol. And he's completely right. I don't really get it either!!

@Crimson67 I'd forgotten about that sketch. Thanks for the reminder.

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