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My project for the day is to assemble this. I bought two, I want to get at least one assembled and placed today. Wish me luck. The fall back plan is to call the son in law that works in construction. Stuff like this is tinker toys for him. Before I call him I want to take a crack at it so I can say l did it myself. OTOH, if I call him I might get the grandbaby to come over too....

HippieChick58 9 June 9

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I got it done!! All by myself! With a little distraction from the kitties. I have a kitty that is a thief, she swiped one of the screws and headed down the stairs with it. I'm glad I caught her.

Good job.

What a baddest kitty! Congratulations on the assembly!


There's the rub. Do you prefer to be a ruggedly independent woman or a doting granny?


If l had 2 of those to do l would ask you for his number.


They look lovely! (IKEA?)

I wish I had one.

Yes, I made a trip to Merriam, KS last weekend mostly to go to Ikea. It is about 2.5 hours away, and I lived in the area before I moved to Omaha. I miss the area hugely! So it was a much needed road trip for me, and the cabinets are not hugely expensive.


I would have chosen that cabinet myself. It's minimalistic yet elegant.

@Ellatynemouth Thank you!!

@HippieChick58 they look good.. Do they feel durable?

@btroje They are sturdily made but fairly lightweight. I'm told they don't stand up to moving well, but I don't expect to move again anytime soon. They went together well, and they look like they are holding the load well. I'm happy with it.


You can do it!


You can do this!! It may take a little longer but you can do it!! They are nice cupboards!!

Shar Level 3 June 9, 2018

GO FOR IT! (Tell us it comes with detailed instructions.) First, though...make sure each and every part is in the box!


It does come with very well illustrated instructions. I did check all the parts before I started, had all the parts neatly separated into piles on the nearby counter. Damn cat is a screw thief, but I caught her in the act. I'm very impressed with Ikea's instructions.

@HippieChick58 WELL? How'd it turn out?

@LucyLoohoo Beautiful! Much easier than I hoped for and I had no trouble doing it alone. I'm quite ridiculously pleased.


You’ve got this!


This project of yours needs an Engineering degree !

I have an Associate's degree in Health Information Management, and minor in domestic engineering, however I got it done!

See ! Health information helped you ?

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