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I got the first cabinet done. I wouldn't say easy peasy, but I did it by myself, even anchored that bad boy to the wall so no kitty or grandchild can pull it over. The doors were a little tricky, but I am just thrilled that I got it done and it didn't take all day. I'm really impressed with myself and Ikea. Good directions, complete parts, well packed. Now my arm hurts from patting myself on the back.... πŸ˜‰

HippieChick58 9 June 9

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WOW! I'm very PROUD of you! (Turn around...we'll take over the back-patting job for awhile.)


Oh wow, that is so good! I've struggled with a couple of Flat pack coffee tables in the past but the half- finished, door-hanging-off wardrobe cured me of buying anything ever again that involved instructions, nuts, bolts and screwdrivers.


I knew you could do it!


Careful! I almost dislocated my shoulder vigorously patting myself on the back once... πŸ˜‰


Great job!!!!
That right there is one well-deserved ATTAGIRL!!!!!!!!


Good job. It looks classy.


Looks great!

I think if I got to pick a dream job it would be an Ikea furniture assembler. It's like a big Lego kit to me and I go into a kind of Zen mode whenever I assemble stuff from there.


Excellent. My hero ?


Kudos. Love the color and clean lines and the way you organized your glassware/dishware.

Thank you!


Way to go grandma! Keep those children safe.


Their stuff is usually very well documented easy to follow ,,,bought a few things there myself, first couch and chair with 3 tables. I smile when I think back on how well it was made.


Good job looks really nice, need to give yourself another pat on the back.????


Very nicely done. I wish I had an Ikea for my kitchen cabinets.

I am always impressed when going through the Ikea showrooms. So many good ideas. I'd love to be able to chuck it all and rebuild smaller and more efficient.


That looks phenomenal. They look so lovely!

Cats too! How perfect!

No home is complete without at least one cat. I had my cat Miss Millie for 16 years, and the last 8 years she was blind. She never jumped up on anything besides soft chairs, my bed, or the sofa. After she passed I got the ginger kitty, Xena who was about a year when I got her Febr 2017. Then in January I got the Zelda, the cat under the cabinet, and she is about a year now. They are the reason I got the closed cabinets. Previous the china and glass had not been behind closed doors and the girls knocked a glass down. I don't mind the glass being broken, I don't want glass in the carpet or the girls getting cut. And then the human kids have procreated also, so there are grandchildren. So it is time to get stuff closed up to protect the little peoples.


Xena and Zelda. They sound like siblings.

I wouldn't have been able to attach a cabinet to a wall the way you have. That's quite impressive. You must have used a power drill or something. That's too scary a job for me.

I like the colour of the walls and the white chair that compliments the cabinets.

@Ellatynemouth I had to supply my own hollow wall anchor, what they supplied would not have worked. I do have drills and other tools. I decided if I was going to live alone I needed to be able to take care of anything that came up. If I didn't know how to do it, I googled it. Surprisingly I'm pretty competent. When my granddaughter was born her daddy had his own home remodeling company, and I hired him to repaint my living room, dining room and kitchen. The ceilings are high and I don't want to do ladders that tall. My table and chairs came from an Estate Sale, they were kinda beat up. I also had SIL paint the table and chairs. I did the rest of the painting in my house. I've been here 6 years, and pretty soon I will have everything the way I need it. Maybe. And my kitties, I wanted strong names for my girls, and I like the lesser used letters of X and Z. And thanks, I'm pleased at how the paint job and furniture are turning out.


I'm happy for your success.

@Ellatynemouth You can do this too. Be brave, try something new. You'll be surprised at how much you can do!


I can't afford it at the moment. In the future maybe.


Wished we had an IKEA in Omaha. Did they shipped the cabinets ? I’ve used a company in town that makes a once a month (or so) run to IKEA for things that IKEA won’t ship.

Ohub Level 7 June 9, 2018

I lived in Overland Park, KS before moving to Omaha, and knowing there is an Ikea in Merriam, KS I decided a road trip was in order. So I drove down and spent the day revisiting old memories and Ikea. When I got home I called my son in law and he came over and carried the boxes to where I needed them. And at Ikea I had help loading into my car, and I did measure my car before I left to make sure they would fit. And yes, Ikea in Omaha would be fabulous.


Nice. ❀


Looks really good, and your cat has trust in your work.

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