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Every time I see people online bashing the LGBT community they seem to be religious folks citing the bible. It makes me more set against religion everytime I see it. My question is do you think is only religious people who have a problem with LGBT or are there any agnostics or athiests who do too? And if so, on what basis?

cmontes 5 June 10

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Perhaps it's because I live in liberal So. California....but, I don't really know ANYONE who is homophobic. It seems to me that atheists are so sensitive to how public opinion can be hurtful and damaging that they tend to identify with anyone who's outside the social ''norm." I need to say, though, that the FEW genuinely religious people I know are very accepting and empathetic to gays. So, it's not all religious people...just those who are probably attracted to same-gender relations and can't admit it to themselves or to others.

I live in Texas.

I have co-workers who will list "gay teachers in the public schools" as reason NUMBER ONE why they home schooled their kids.
Another co-worker who in the last 10+ years has gotten very serious about photography and has told me he would love to do it commercially on the side. He said he can't risk the potential lawsuit if someone gay wanted to hire him and he told them why he was turning them down. His anti-LGBT stance has him scared to do something profitable with his hobby!!!
These were volunteered, and not dredged out answers.


I can't speak for others, but if someone is in love, go for it.


I feel like most people who aren’t open minded have the problems with the LGBT community. Regardless of religious beliefs. This persons Sexual preference may make someone else insecure and uncomfortable. I’m for loving anyone you want but some people worry more about others than themselves.

RussJ Level 4 June 10, 2018

Its like 95 % religious fools and few old fashioned atheists.


No I used to be to avoided being put in that group but then I grew up and started meeting people not like me and realized it is fear that pushes hate. I had step brother who was gay, brother in law who is gay. Lesbains never bothered me. I have had facebook freinds who are gay lebians, and transgender. Religions are about controling people! They want you to think there is something wrong with them their favorite word is sin! All the born in sin and sin is this and that is all crap! I was an Atheist long before this part of my life. I call my self a socialist, hippy , Atheist. The hippy part is we are all one race and treat everyone as you would like to be treated. When you get to know others who are not like you you learn not alot of differences. You do not catch gayness from others you do learn acceptance and tolelrance from others which is a good thing.


Hatred of gay people has it's roots in any religion, ideology, political movement or other organisation that relies in the long term on children being raised to be life long members, until recently gay people did not have children, therefore were not people farmers for these control freaks, so making them miserable and frightening people in to leading a life of lies was good for the cause.


I think that homophobia may stem from thinking about how homosexuals interact.


Religion is not a necessary ingredient for homophobia, so it is certainly possible to be areligious AND homophobic.

However, religion provides rationalizations and cover for homophobia (and many other societal harms) because you can always claim god told you it's a Bad Thing, which exempts you from having to actually substantiate your truth claims.


Homosexuality, bisexuality, and other forms of sexuality are as old as humanity.
Among the ancients, they were really not taboos. They were just accepted as
part of the collective. Granted, there have always been those who made fun of
others who were different, but never to the level it's become. It wasn't until the advent of the judeo/christo religions that sexuality in all it's forms was demonized.
Another reason to be an anti-theist.
Religion poisons everything it touches.
Religion has poisoned humanity.

Hear, hear. Well stated.


I'm dismayed to say, but there were many people on this site who ran to defend the homophobic cake shop owner.

That does dismay me too ?


Never been a problem for me. Good parenting.


It's mostly believers, but I personally know a couple people who aren't at all religious, yet still can't handle the LGBT movement because it makes them so uncomfortable. In an effort to relate I tell them I'm not all that comfortable either, the thought of a man "with" a man is very uncomfortable for me. But that's MY (my friends, really) problem, it shouldn't be theirs. It doesn't make them any less human or equal - their hearts and minds are as good as ours - and that's the only thing that should matter.

Religion has influenced the thinking of even those who claim a lack of belief.
They may not realize it, or be willing to acknowledge it, but it's true.
It's not just in relation to homophobia, but also in relation to how many
men view women, and how many women view themselves.
Their lack of belief doesn't mean they haven't been influenced by religion.


A-theists are not immune or exempt from thinking any way or anything we choose to think. We are just as biased as anyone else. We all have individual brains unique to each individual. A-theists simply are non-believers in god(s) and nothing more.

I believe some are A-theists in name only also, not really sure what they don't believe in.

@buzz13 Only each individual is qualified to make the determination as to who/what they are or claim to be. Your speculation and opinion has no bearing on anything or to anyone but you and the same applies to me.

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