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This reminds me of the waste of time it is to argue in those that don't believe in climate change. #SamHarris #Logic #Science #ClimateChange

lotusflower 5 June 10

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If you could reason with religious people, there would be no religious people

Sort of like Trumpazoids


If this were a logical or evidence-based discussion, we wouldn't be having it now.


So true

t1nick Level 8 June 10, 2018

Sad but so very true. Our society is the reason I look on the back of a bag of carrots and out of curiosity look at the 'Ingredients'. And it promptly says 'Carrots'. BOB blast Murka....


Most Trump and Republican supports would feel this way as we have seen. It is a downfall of a people who puts their beliefs of how they want the world to be over actual evidence and then come to a logical conclusion. The world as it is not as we would want it to be. The fundamental difference between the Atheist or Agnostic mind verses the Religious Dogma mind.


In my experience, logic and reason are not associated with religious beliefs or those who deny science.

cj2075 Level 5 June 10, 2018
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