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I would like to wish all the wiccans and Druids a happy solstice

Vegasboy004 4 Dec 24

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Just got a call from my Wiccan, Jewish and Christian daughter. Happy solstice everyone.


...AND those of other benign, natural being one. Thank you and happy yule to you!

I have communed with many of various pagan, alternative and "new age" beliefs as solitaries or in large numbers. The most "enchanting" was a wiccan coven of beautiful, delightful young ladies exploring *the universe" along with the sexual emancipation of the 70s.

While I'm no druid I feel I have successfully completed their bard discipline, one of three required of a druid...not that I feel any need to do so. I am now "spreading the word" of peace, love, understanding...and primarily TRUTH...but one of my many "rituals" in the real world.

@RussMaughan I was already using some but my first grasp of scale structure came from studying the bardic arts. The ancient insights of the "form and function" I'd later get a modern view of in music theory and psychology, with some amazing similarities.


A Swiss Greek mate of mine wished me a plentiful saturnalia last new years eve. I understand it to be a Roman connection but unable to glean much more than that. ?


I know someone that wil appreciate your thoughts.


Kuddos. I spent about 15 years immersed in druidry. Never researched it much, just let my mind evolve as it would, make myself useful. Memorizing entire books I loved was quite an experience. Glad that is over lol.

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