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Standardized expectations are not always a good measure of success. I think a healthy child can thrive in this system, but it's not productive to measure all children by these standards.

Stacey48 8 June 12

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This guy is weird, and creepy, "Charles Eisenstein" is a nut as well as terrible English grammar


I now that I was terribly bored in class. I usually completes tasks and tests within 10 minutes of a 30+ minute class.


I agree with you as do many others. Those people usually send their kids to private schools for a more tailored approach to educating children.

@Stacey48 I agree with you again. But the secretary of education is advocating for private schools. That means we are fighting an uphill battle for now. Please know we are on the same side of this issue. Here in Florida they have created a voucher system. Parents can pull their kids from failing public schools and use vouchers for private schools. Now we have a major problem with these vouchers being used to pay for religious private schools that teach creationism instead if evolution. The worst news is these schools don't have their performance monitored to the same high standards as public schools. It's a huge mess.


Education is what separates us from animals. Standards of education keep it going in an efficient way. It may not work for everyone, but we seemed to have advanced better than any other creatures.

We are animals and I think being Homo Sapiens separate us from other animals. IMHO

@McVinegar, do you know any others who dominate the world? You can debate whether we do it well or badly, but there are no other creatures who do more to educate and increase the the thought processes of their young and improve their cognitive functions than humans. Even if you travel to areas with little education, they may not function as a modern society, but they are still more advanced than the average bear (or any other animal).


Like this quote.

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