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Should Parents Charge Their Adult Children Rent?

sassygirl3869 9 June 12

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My son is 22 and is not going to school, so yes I charge him a fourth of all shared expenses because I know that I don't make 4 times what he makes so I believe that is reasonable. But whether or not he pays me is another story.




Depend s on child , does he work and spend his money on good times or are they paying off school debt and saving for a place to live.

Marine Level 8 June 13, 2018

My first year out of HS I found a good job with Boeing. I was also attending full time college and lived at home. I had an unfinished (which I did some work improving) corner space. The house was full of siblings, noise and mess. Twice I came home late at night and my room had several inches of water. I had a downstairs fireplace and when a fire was made upstairs the smoke would back up and I would have a smoky room. When my dad asked for rent I as angry and said if I was going to pay rent I would find my own place, which I did. Thank you Dad. Sometimes it takes a nudge to get kids to take some responsibility. Yes, they should charge rent.


Yes, even if nominal, and even if it’s put into savings for their use later, and even if it is to help cover the mortgage. Absolutely, yes—as long as they are capable of working.


Depends on the situation. One size does not fit all.


Yes, absolutely!!

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